Payment Required is short, but it had a few stories. As a shocker to Darlene and Elliot, their mom died. As a result, Elliot and Darlene go to pick up their mom’s belongings at the rest home. Once there, Darlene claims some sentimental objects of value. Finally, we learn of the Deus Group, and Darlene tells Elliot about someone she killed. Check out these short but sweet stories.

Elliot’s and Darlene’s mom died. She died in a rest home. Elliot and Darlene are the last of the Alderman family.

The rest home asks Elliot and Darlene to pick up mom’s belongings. Darlene keeps mom’s funky coat and her Walkman. Elliot takes none of mom’s belongings. Darlene and Elliot get rid of the rest of the remaining belongings.

One of mom’s belongings has sentimental value for Darlene. It’s the tape in the Walkman which has the voices of Darlene, Elliot, and Angela on it. Darlene keeps it because her mom used to listen to it when she was in the rest home.

Elliot learns of the Deus Group. It’s a name mentioned on legal documents. Elliot learns that the Deus Group funds Whiterose’s project.

During this broadcast, Darlene tells Elliot who she killed. Darlene killed Susan Jacobs, legal counsel for Evil Corp, because Susan laughed when Evil Corp beat the rap for poisoning and killing her mother.

To sum up, I liked two stories in this episode. One was Darlene’s and Elliot’s mom dying, because I been through that. The other story was the Deus Group, since I wanted to learn more about this secretive group. The episode was decent even though short.

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