There’s some good stories in this episode, but I have to say this broadcast feels like The Shining. With that, Irving, a gay enforcer, chops up the FBI Director. Plus, we learn, too, Evil Corp CEO Price is Angela’s biological dad. Additionally, Elliot threatens leaks about the Dark Army. As well, Irving is the devil. Finally, Angela’s loving dead mom not returning from the grave broke her, and now she has no purpose in life. These are great stories to follow in this airing.

This episode begins like a Hollywood motion picture. Particularly, it has scenes reminding one of The Shining. You see winding roads from the air. You see sky shots, and you hear eerie music at some points. And guess what, there is a crazed axe murderer like Jack Torrance too.

As we mosey along, Irving, a gay enforcer for the Dark Army, chops up FBI head Santiago. It seems the Dark Army orders Irving to do it, because of the messes Santiago creates as their mole. Irving goes ”here’s Johnny” all over Santiago.

Toward the middle of the segment, Evil Corp CEO Price has a surprise for Angela. He tells Angela he is her biological dad. Plus, he was the anon donor behind cancer treatments of Angela’s mom.

Elsewhere, Elliot threatens leaks to the Dark Army when they try to kill him and Darlene. Elliot says he will release documents showing Russia hired the Dark Army to hack the DNC. Also, Elliots reminds the Dark Army of releasing more documents showing the Dark Army created backdoors on Korean military servers. Elliot will blow the whistle if the Dark Army kills him or Darlene.

This episode teaches us the Dark Army is the devil. Irving, the gay enforcer, tells FBI field agent Dom that if she doesn’t want to be their mole, they will kill her family. The Dark Army knows where all Dom’s family lives.

Finally, Angela realizes she has no purpose in life. She realizes she will never be reunited with her loving dead mom again, ever. Angela turns bitter and wants revenge on the Dark Army.

In conclusion, this was another great segment. I liked the part about Elliot threatening leaks, but it was moving Whiterose’s project faster that really saved him. Plus, Angela gave up when she learned her dead mom ain’t coming back, and it broke her, so she had no purpose in life. I loved this segment, which was like The Shining.

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