Read between the lines to catch these story lines in this segment. First, Elliot suffered trauma in his childhood as a result of his dad. Also, Elliot makes plans to kill himself, because he can’t find anything to do with the rest of his life. Plus, Angela is delusional in believing the dead will return to life. Finally, other story lines include shady memos and deleting files. Though non-obvious, watch out for these stories.

This episode begins with some childhood trauma of Elliot. We learn Elliot was with his dad when his father collapsed in the movie theatre. However, as Elliot’s father lay dying in the movie lobby, Elliot picks up his father’s Mr.Robot jacket and goes to watch the movie, while talking to his father as if he was still alive with him.

During this episode, Elliot makes plans to kill himself. He goes to a gay drug dealer and buys enough morphine to do the job. It seems Elliot can’t live with the fact that Mr. Robot will be with him till he dies. Elliot is determined to rid himself of Mr. Robot by committing suicide.

As well, this airing sees Elliot and Angela play a wishing game. Wishing for things helps Elliot want to live, and, perhaps, the game may help a very depressed Angela get over her delusion of believing the dead of the 71 building terrorist attack will come back to life. It’s funny how so much rests on playing a simple game.

This airing reveals something rebellious about Elliot and Darlene. They make up their own rules like watching “Careful Massacre” not on Halloween like they did in the past. Although a rule of theirs at one point, they do break their own rules.

Plus, too, we see a city wide curfew in this broadcast. It seems this curfew is the result of the 5/9 hack. Last time a curfew was implemented was during the world war 2 Japanese internment camp days. Coincidentally, who knew two years after this broadcast, we’d see city-wide curfews in the wake of Covid 19.

Elliot goes to the movie while babysitting a kid. At the movie, they watch Back To the Future, where Mary goes into the future to change the past. However, if you make a change in the future or past, the butterfly effect keeps producing ripples forever in the future and the past- you would need a quantum computer to keep track of these endless changes which each have a unique state of their very own.

Elliot discussed ”shady memos” in this episode. Elliot talks about Mobley’s brother who swapped some questionable memos with his law firm, regarding drug dealer clients, that the IRS would take issue with. This scene reminded me of the justice dept. where there are tons of email memos pertaining to shady individuals who might steal money again.

Lastly, Elliot discusses deleting computer files. It seems hitting delete on the keyboard doesn’t mean delete. Basically, a copy of a file is always kept on a server somewhere. That being said, delete really means a operating system table holds the address of a file slated for deletion. In time, that address is removed from the table. However, that address and data remain on disk till that address is overwritten with other data.

Briefly, I enjoyed a few stories from this broadcast. First, Angela is really depressed in believes life after death, which I don’t think makes her delusional. Second, I thought the shady memos was on point since there are justice dept. memos that do recommend action against criminals who won’t leave office. This was a good airing.

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