Lets start with Elliot in this segment. Now, Elliot is a believer in Evil Corp, since he realizes he can only change the system from within, so he focuses on the good. As well, Elliot cleans house at Evil Corp; that is, Elliot gets rid of some low life managers. Plus, the therapist a.k.a Krista meets Legion a.k.a Mr.Robot. Just a few good stories to follow in this episode.

Having a change of heart, Elliot sees Evil Corp as a necessary evil. Elliot learns there was some good in Evil Corp, because he saw how society would look like without it. Elliot found out that chaos is not good for society, so Elliot supports Evil Corp for the time being.

After going through his emails, I quickly learned that he was having the engineers install rootkits on all of Evil Corp’s phones, so they can illegally sell private consumer data.

Elliot is really a fanboy of Evil Corp now. He watches all the Evil Corp orientation videos. He goes for a 401k too. He buys dress up clothing. He even pops his new med Zoloft too. Elliot drank the Evil Corp koolaid.

I felt bad taking him down, until I saw that he had his engineering team use special software to help E Corp’s auto manufacturing partners cheat the emissions test to hide how much pollution they really created.

Well, Joanna, the ruthless killer, was killed in this episode. Her lover, Derek, pulled the trigger, which covered her newborn baby in her blood. The scene ends with a coroner pulling her scalp over her face to complete an autopsy.

With that, the FBI has taken it on themselves to not contact Tyrell, but the FBI will put the baby in social services. The FBI does this because Tyrell is a wanted man. Perhaps, some day Tyrell and his child can reunite.

It should be said that the FBI has no clue about Mr.Robot, the other personality of Elliot. They have no clue he’s Elliot. They just think Elliot is a friend of Tyrell and Darlene’s brother, and Elliot just took a job at Evil Corp.

Darlene has a run-in with Mr. Robot. It happens when Elliot asks her to spend the night with him. While Darlene accesses Elliot’s computer to install malware for the FBI, Mr. Robot appears and confronts her. Immediately, Darlene recognizes it’s not Elliot and attempts to run.

This segment sees Elliot’s therapist meet Mr. Robot-are shall we say Legion. The Mr. Robot personality emerges during a therapy session. Elliot’s Mr. Robot personality emerged and the therapist is glad to finally meet Mr. Robot.

Lastly, Elliot a.k.a Mr. Robot out smarts the FBI. After monitoring Elliot for a week, the FBI finally pick up some intel: it’s the Bare Naked Ladies singing, ”It’s been one week since you looked at me…” It turns out Elliot was mocking the FBI with the song; that is, I know you’re watching me.

It should be said that Elliot was able to find out about the FBI surveillance by sending them a link. With that, the green FBI were dumb enough to click on. Now, with the FBI out of the way, Elliot is free to investigate Darlene’s FBI safe house.

Overall, the story was good. Mr. Robot sure came off evil in this segment. Especially, the way he dealt with the therapist, Krista. Elliot, too, was funny when he mocked the FBI. The whole segment was good, I’ll say.

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