Just a few story lines to follow in this segment. Elliot has really gone down the rabbit’s hole and living in it. The 5/9 hack has made Evil Corp credit cards useless. The Whiterose is beginning to feel the heat. Elliot is Andy from Shawshank Redemption. We see Evil Corp’s toxic water plant on the verge of being nationalized. As well, Angela is debating to blow the whistle on Evil Corp. And will China bail out an irate Evil Corp? These are just some story lines to follow in this broadcast.

It’s this episode we learn how deep the rabbit’s hole goes with Elliot. Eliot is living in an alternate reality; he’s not staying at his mother’s house but is really in jail. Elliot has one hell of an illusion.

While Elliot is in jail, E-Corp has gone into crisis. The E-Corp credit card is worthless. Actually, money is becoming worthless as the economy continues to plunge.

The Whiterose makes a subtle threat in this airing. He tells Evil Corp CEO Price he murdered the last Evil Corp CEO. For Price’s sake, the Whiterose’s project better be completed.

This broadcast has a connection to The Shawshank Redemption movie. It turns out Ray is a warden in Elliot’s alternate reality. In the movie, the warden was a bad guy who got busted like Ray.

In this one, we learn the toxic water plant is going to be nationalized. Of course, the Whiterose wants control of this Evil Corp asset. It remains to see if the US government takes over the plant.

Angela comes close to blowing the whistle on Evil Corp. She goes to the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission with findings that the toxic water plant wasn’t cleaned up. However, she changes her mind when she is taken down a dark hallway in the basement of the commission.

This segment sees Evil Corp CEO Price approach the Whiterose with a plan. Evil Corp wants China to bail it out with either cash or a zero interest loan. If the bail out doesn’t happen, Price threatens world war 3.

To conclude, this episode tied up some laces. First, Angela realized that the toxic water plant was covered up even though she was told things would change. Also, will China bail out Evil Corp since they already run it? Just some loose ends tied in this episode.

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