Isn’t it stranger how Stranger Things 4 parallels reality. Take the particle collider at the beginning of the trailer, doesn’t that look like the UK Hadron particle collider that is believed to have broken reality and ripped a hole into another dimension, which is responsible for the Mandela Effect starting in 2008? Also, this “big war coming” sounds like the apocalypse where God versus the Devil; the King of the North (worshippers of the God of fortresses) versus The King of the South; Russia and it’s allies versus the USA a.k.a NATO a.k.a the Five Eyes? BTW, it’s a war Russia wins and NATO barely survives, according to bible prophecy: hence, like Dr. Sam Owens, head of a secret USA government agency, says, ”It’s a war we can’t win,” and the Upside-Down Dungeons and Dragons monster, Vecna, repeats, ”You have lost.” Finally, this season’s ”suffering” theme sounds like another theme from the bible: The Great Tribulation a.k.a The Great Suffering which is the last stage before this world is destroyed. Stranger Things 4 is the clincher.

Here’s one thing that really stood out to me about the trailer: Stranger Things 4 is looking to be Max’s season. During the trailer, we see lots of Max in the graveyard where she is spending lots of time with her dead brother, Billy. As well, the trailer shows Max levitating as if she was the Dark Phoenix from the 1980s huge Uncanny X-Men comics story line-and she even has red hair like Jean Grey, too. I am sure season 4 is Max’s season to shine.

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