Return of Mitchell Campion

Two trillion galaxies. Four billion stars in just the Milky Way galaxy. One second to name each star in the Milky Way. 12, 864 years to say the name of each star in the Milky Way.

We know so little. Here we are building black holes, using a particle collider, here on earth. As well, we don’t understand why time slows down around large masses like the sun or around a black hole. We act like we’re something, but we really are nothing with little knowledge.

Four minutes, four hours, four years. Who knows what time really is. We dream complete experiences in seconds, don’t we? They say a drowning man relives his entire life in a moment. But what about Mitchell Campion? There have been many investigative cases. The miraculous transportation of persons or things over great distances in an instant. It’s called teleportation. Has something to do with those still unsolved laws of time and space. All we know is the facts of this news story were carried by every news service to every newspaper in the country.

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