Return of Mitchell Campion

Two trillion galaxies, which form grape-like clusters. One hundred billion stars, each with its own solar system of planets, in just the Milky Way galaxy. One second to name each star in the Milky Way. 12, 864 years to say all the names of the stars in the Milky Way. 200, 000 light years just to cross the Milky Way Galaxy in a spaceship at the speed of light. On top of that all, beyond all these galaxies and our universe, there exists a void as long as infinity.

We know so little. Here we are building black holes with a particle collider. As well, we don’t understand time-dilation a.k.a why time slows down around the sun, a black hole, or even the earth. We act like we’re something, but we really know nothing.

There are other strange examples of time, What about the character of Lazarus in the bible? He had been dead for four days, and he had no recollection of how long he was dead. In a blink of an eye, he was alive. What about time in that situation?

Or what about other strange examples of time in the bible? For example, heaven and earth being created in one day, as if a day was a period or epoch. Or 1000 years being one day for God? Or a day being literally 24 hours in the bible. What really is time?

Of course we know that time is not consistent. An atomic clock shows us that time moves slower the closer you get to the earth; and visa versa; that being the case, scientists know that, technically, our feet are younger than our heads though the difference is small. The same atomic clock tells us the faster we move through space, like in a space craft, the slower you age, while people age faster on earth.

Four minutes, four hours, four years. Who knows what time really is. We dream complete experiences in seconds, don’t we? They say a drowning man relives his entire life in a moment. But what about Mitchell Campion? There have been many investigative cases. The miraculous transportation of persons or things over great distances in an instant. It’s called teleportation. Has something to do with those still unsolved laws of time and space. All we know is the facts of this news story were carried by every news service to every newspaper in the country.

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