This KC And The Sunshine Band’s “Get Down Tonight” is a strange song, in my opinion. First, it makes me feel like it’s a song for dead people. Second, this song makes me think of a song spirits would like- and I don’t mean the good kind. After listening to this song on YouTube, I got the feeling why they added it to the movie Sid and Nancy.

To begin, I started to feel like it was a song made for dead people. In the song, the singer talks about meeting up with someone to do things they previously did. It’s almost like he’s singing about someone dead who is talking about another dead person. Anyways, in the movie Sid and Nancy, you get the feeling that the singer means Sid Vicious meeting up with Nancy in some future time when they can return to doing the things they loved to do while alive – drugs, drink, etc.

Anyways, the song is really sad if you think of it as two dead people coming back to life when they already passed. First, it can’t be serious cause the dead are dead and don’t know anything anymore like the bible says ( Ecclesiastics 9:5). Also, it sounds like an after the fact song where the people mused about coming back to life, but they know better and say it anyways to each other.

Lastly, the song could be about evil spirits too. Maybe wicked spirits drove Sid and Nancy to do what they did, and now the fallen angels plan to come back at some future time to start drinking and doing drugs like they enjoyed in some past time. If you believe in spirits, they live forever and come and go throughout time.

In brief, “Get Down Tonight” is a song that can be interpreted many ways. You might think it means a song about a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. Or you might think it’s about dead people and spirits, since it was the ending song in the movie Sid and Nancy. I hope you enjoyed this song like me:)

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