“Madman Across the Water” follows a few good story lines. To begin, we learn Felix is working on Elton to get the rest of the group to return to West Virginia, even though there’s no hope. As well, in this airing, Huck realizes the significance of the group’s cross-country trip. Not only that, Elton deals with PTSD through writing in his journal. Finally, Iris gives some insight into her evolutionist outlook while Elton is losing faith in evolution. These are some story lines worth following in this new episode.

To start, when it comes to going back home, Elton is unsure. Nevertheless, he tells Felix that he doesn’t know if he wants to go along with the program to get the group to return home. Elton can’t decide whether to push on to New York or return home.

Undeterred, Felix is adamant on returning home. He knows the Mississippi is the last hope to return home in a safe fashion. He works on Elton to go along with the plan to return home.

At this point, Iris gets into her belief of evolution with Hope. Iris says nature will end us, and death is inevitable. Also, extinction is just one rule of death, and we should all except it. That being said, she adds “nature makes its choices for us.” In short, she says except the wind, because Iris is an evolutionist.

While at the Mississippi River, the group comes up with a plan. They plan on making a raft to get to New York. They plan to be modern day Huckleberry and Finn characters.

During this episode, Hope has an issue with Felix. She believes Felix cares more about promises than her father. She tells Felix, saying, “You care more about a promise than his life.”

At this point, the group realizes their cross country trip could be the biggest and most important thing in their lives. “This thing going cross country is big. Maybe the biggest thing we will ever do. Shit like this makes us stronger. Makes us better,” says Huck as she explains the significance of the trip to the whole group.

Toward the ending of this segment, Elton has PTSD. His PTSD comes out when he has to fix the belt on the motor. Apparently, he has to squeeze into a small space, which brings back memories of being stuck in a small space while hiding from zombies as a child.

Oddly, Huck decides to do some scouting as this episode draws to an end. She tells the groups she’ll spend the next two days scouting out the area ahead of the group. Huck wants to scout alone, though.

At the end of this airing, Elton has a breakdown. He remembers his parents when they were alive. Memories just play over and over in his mind. It’s a sad time for Elton.

To make life bearable, Elton writes in his journal. He writes about his experiences and memories. It’s all he has left, and he clings to it for life.

In his journal, Elton wrestles with his belief in evolution. “Here’s the thing, nature accounted for everything about the human race- except our self awareness, because we know we can change. We can act in ways nature wasn’t expecting, wasn’t ready for. So every now and again, that lets us see the path through the wind. Even if just for a moment, because sometimes a moment is all you need,” Elton reveals in his writings.

To end, this broadcast followed some interesting story lines. It looked at Iris’ and Elton’ belief in evolution, seems to be holding on one hand and revised on the other. As well, the group realized the trip will have lasting effects on them. Finally, Elton faced some bad memories. These were just some story lines of “Madman Across the Water.”

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