“The Wrong End of a Telescope” follows a few developments in The Walking Dead: World Beyond. First, the group really does not trust the CRM, because they are secretive as hell- and I can’t blame them. Also, the group takes shelter in a local high school, as Iris takes a stroll down memory lane, only to wake up to reality. As well, we see a wolf, and we see the group desperately scavenge for much needed food supplies. These are some highlights from this broadcast.

First and foremost, the CRM is untrustworthy, secretive, and shady as f..k, according to Hope. “Sounds like some shady shit to me,” Hope explains to the group about the Civic Republic Military.

That being said, Hope was at least right about one thing. “This world your trying to save is over. That’s what my brain is telling me,” Hope says to her father.

However, Hope’s dad believes in this world. “This isn’t the end. We still got a shot. I am going to take it,” as Hope’s dad tries to assure her.

In “The Wrong end of a Telescope,” we learn that the CRM likes to control the flow of information. Hope’s dad revealed this fact to Hope when he went to go work for the CRM. Strange though, that a father would have to sneak a message to his own daughter and not think something was shady as hell.

It’s this episode where Hope runs into a wild wolf. This happens while the group searches an abandoned school. By the looks of it, the wolf was only protecting it’s lair.

We also learn in this segment that Silas uses old technology. In one scene, we see Silas listening to an old Walkman, which takes audio cassettes. Also, this Walkman’s headphones are not wireless. How cool it must of been when you could touch an actual button instead of a touch screen button.

In case people want to know, Silas carries ballroom music in his Walkman. He says his grandmother liked it, so he likes it, but really, he probably likes the music because he misses his grandmother. Incidentally, it’s the same kind of music, too, that calms mental patients.

While taking shelter from the walking dead in a local high school, Iris fantasizes about life as a normal high school student. As she now has time on her hands, she has a dance with Silas in the gym, as if to be actually living out her prom dance fantasy. However, sadly and ironically, Iris runs into one of the home town girls pictured in the high school yearbook- laying dead in the barricaded lunch room as a walking dead zombie.

On the good side of this airing, the group hits the jackpot. They find much needed food supplies in the school. However, first, they have to get to the food because zombies are all around the food.

Apparently, too, we learn in this airing, Silas suffered some sort of past trauma. In one scene, we see him saying, “They always keep coming.” Also, we learn about rumors that Silas killed his dad.

In short, this segment followed up on some earlier story lines. We got to learn that the group really does not trust the CRM. Also, Hope really believes this world is coming to an end. Lastly, Iris fantasized about life as a high school student; however, she didn’t miss much because all those high school students are now dead. This episode was kind of an eye opener at the end.

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