“The Tiger and the Lamb” has many different story angles, so I will focus on a few. First and foremost, Hope almost lost her life over nothing, because she never thought things through. As well, Silas is afraid to kill zombies, because it will unleash the beast in him. Not only that, Iris, the supposed leader of the group, is scared to kill zombies, which doesn’t say much for her as a leader in the middle of a zombie pandemic. These are some highlights of this airing.

Without even knowing if the siren worked, Hope put her life on the line. “We don’t even know if the siren works!” says Iris about the siren.

But undeterred, in “The Tiger and the Lamb,” the group scavenges a local reTread. They are looking for food, or anything they can use. Yeah, it helps to have some supplies on a long walking journey to New York.

When it comes to zombies, we learn Silas can’t kill. Apparently, he’s afraid of himself, or what he might do to people. Ironically, his lack of being able to kill will get him killed.

In this airing, there is more talk about the secretive CRM. From what we know, the Civic Republic Military is some militia group that surfaced in the Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead. Now, it’s in the Walking Dead: World Beyond.

With that, we learn that Hope’s siren is dead. Not to be stopped, Hope fixes it. After some time, she turns on the siren.

At this point, Felix’s girlfriend has a few words for Silas. “That what you doing out here? Trying to get away from the things you done?” says a suspicious woman.

After hearing this, Silas returns to some old memories. “Reason we got walls is to keep the monsters out,” says some high-school girl who stares at Silas while he works as a janitor.

It’s this episode where Iris finally gets some balls. She steps up and kills a zombie. However, it takes Hope almost losing her life for Iris to do it.

Toward the end of this broadcast, the group makes a final decision. They are not going back. They will continue on to New York.

After almost losing their lives, the group comes to another conclusion. “I am where I am supposed to be,” the group says.

“The Tiger and the Lamb” continues to see Hope as the brains of the group. Hope tells her friends: “We’re safer together.” Yes, Hope, this is true when the world is over run with zombies.

For some reason, one of Hope’s lines reminded me of what my sister told me about past relationships and love. “That night, we were kids. And the sky was falling. We weren’t ready for it,” Iris tells her sister, Hope, about their mother’s death at start of the apocalypse.

Overall, this episode wasn’t too bad. However, I found it strange that if you go on a long trip, why would you not take food? Also, if you enter a zombie wasteland, you should at least know how to kill right? Finally, why isn’t one of these kids dead yet, since they made so many big survival mistakes. That being said, the episode was alright.

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