“Doom Patrol” of Titans is about a bunch of misled superheroes. As this airing starts, Raven meets the Doom Patrol, a collection of misfits with serious personal problems. Also, this broadcast sees Dick aka Robin hide behind his qualified immunity and assault and violate the civil rights of a citizen. As well, this episode sees the Doom Patrol’s leader, Dr. Caulder, conducting unethical research on human subjects while administering unapproved drugs by the FDA. Yep, the Doom Patrol is scary as hell.

“Doom Patrol” starts off with nuns. Apparently, they can’t confine Raven. Neither can they conduct an exorcist on Raven. See, Raven caused an explosion at the convent, which set her free. These nuns wash their hands of Raven after revealing to Dick and Kory that she got away.

During this episode, Raven meets a member of the Doom Patrol. Originally, this happened at the video game arcade. His name is Garfield, a shape shifter who turns into a green neon tiger.

At some point, after a brief get to know period, Raven and Garfield end up in the bush. There, Raven tries to save a deer, which has been shot by local hunters. However, she can’t and leaves the deer. After she’s gone, the deer comes back to life.

Eventually, Raven goes to Garfield’s house. While looking around, Raven says to Garfield: “Aren’t you a little young to be watching something so old?” Raven wants to know why Garfield watches old Abbott and Costello movies.

Meantime, there’s a secret in the middle of plain site in “Doom Patrol”. “You do realize this is supposed to be a secret,” Robot cautions Garfield about revealing their home and existence to Raven.

After an orientation period with the Doom Patrol, Raven sits down to dinner and puts her empath powers to use in this airing. Seeing a distraught Rita at the dinner table, Raven touches Rita. Ravens sees that Rita was in an asylum. Not only that, Rita fell through a bridge and nearly drowned. These are the thoughts Raven got from Rita.

At some point, Dr. Caulder pulls Garfield aside after dinner. He explains to Garfield, saying, “If we get discovered, they will end up locked away, like Rita once was. Experimented on, tortured,” says Dr. Caulder about what the government does to superheroes like Cliff, Larry, and Rita.

Apparently, in this segment, the superheroes violate the civil rights of citizens. A hunter tells Dick Greyson and Kory: “You know, I already talked to the cops, so you can fuck off. Hey, you can’t do that!” Dick and Kory, being uninvited, barged into this man’s home.

If you think about it, Detective Dick Greyson aka Robin is a violent vigilante who hides behind qualified immunity. That being said, this violent “superhero” needs to be stopped. But nobody stops Robin from assaulting this hunter guy. In fact, Robin and Kory do a home invasion and brutally assaulted the poor man in front of his child, only to offer him cash after the beating. This man wasn’t given his civil rights, a day in court, or given no search warrant. Robin just beat the hell out of him in front of his daughter- Robin should be arrested and brought up on civil right violations.

Here’s some of the dialog from Robin assaulting an innocent man. “I’m gonna need you to answer my questions.” Robin demands. “You better back off,” the hunter says. “Did you see where the girl went? Answer me. Did you hurt her? Did you touch her?’ Robin screams. Finally, the hunter screams back, yelling, “You’re a psycho!”

After watching “Doom Patrol,” you got to admit that Dr. Caulder is unethical and dangerous. Here’s what the unregulated Doctor has to say to Raven: “I help people that others have given up on. I go beyond what medical science is willing to do, because I believe in hope.” I hope you believe in litigation, tort suits, and malpractice too.

Not only that, Dr. Caulder administers mysterious drugs that are not FDA approved. “Although, the cure I administered had unforeseen side effects.” Dr. Caulder should be fined and jailed.

On top of that, Dr. Caulder does research on live human subjects, which is unethical and against the law. Dr. Caulder tells Raven: “This isn’t a sanctuary, Rachel. it’s an incubation chamber, an experiment.” Dr. Caulder thinks the US is China.

Another thing, this Dr. Caulder is a Nazi. “Will push medical science forward decades in a matter of years,” says Caulder who is probably from Nazi, Germany or China.

After watching “Doom Patrol” of Titans, I got to wondering why people even follow the law if Dick Greyson, a detective, can’t even follow the law. “I went through something as a kid,” says a Dick, a real poor example, who hides behind qualified immunity and a sob story and refuses to take any kind of responsibility for the people he hurts.

It should be said about Raven, a minor, that she signed no consent; yet, Dr. Caulder is conducting research on her while she protests. “No, I don’t want to do this anymore. Let me up,” cries Raven. “This is for your own good,” says the evil Dr. Caulder.

Overall, “Doom Patrol” of Titans was messed up. The nuns were a fail on exercising Raven. As well, the Doom Patrol’s leader is scary as f…k. Finally, Dick aka Robin likes to assault civilians like he has some absolute immunity from the law, while forgetting all people must follow the law. This episode really shows a person how messed up superheroes really are.

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