“Making Amends” was the final episode of the whole series of Impulse. To end the series, Henry kills Nikolai. As well as that, she has a terrible lasting fight with her mother, Cleo. Given this dark turn of events, Henry heads for Spain and meets the mysterious Fatima. These are the last exciting stories, which will never be told, of Impulse, because the series was cancelled in March 2020. Here’s my take on the last broadcast “Making Amends”.

To begin, or shall I say to end, during this final broadcast of Impulse, we learn Nikolai revealed, right before Henry killed him, that he always wanted her to have freedom. “I always wanted you to have choice and freedom. Shat I didn’t have,” Nikolai says to Henry, because he never had freedom or a choice in Romania.

As well, we learn that Nikolai drove Henry over the brink. He did this when he revealed that her dad was always dead. Furthermore, he was pretending to be her dad, and her dad’s cabin was really Nikolai’s cabin. In a state of total mental breakdown and loss, Henry killed Nikolai.

Given Henry’s situation, personally, I probably would of done the same thing as her. Having lost both parents, I got to say it’s one of the most terrible things in the world to go through. And to look for a parent that was always dead, well that will push a person over the edge.

During this scene, Henry asks Nikolai where her dad’s body is. Nikolai says he buried her dad at his cabin. Henry turns away from Nikolai and cries to herself.

It’s this scene where Henry just snaps. Henry tells Nikolai she trusted him and he was a liar. Henry realized that he knew about her father all this time, and he was holding back the truth.

Meanwhile, this episode sees Ms. Miller, leader of the Mennonite colony, go to see Lucas in prison. She explains to Lucas that confessing to a murder he did not commit will not erase his sins in the eyes of God. At this point, Lucas just wants to go over the Book of Job with her.

That being said, here’s the biblical story of Job, a very, very good man, that Lucas was talking about. In the Book of Job, Satan, after roving about in the earth, goes to heaven and has a face to face talk with Jehovah God who is surrounded by his angels in his court. Here, Jehovah God asks Satan why he has his eye on his good servant, Job. At this point, Satan tells Jehovah God that man only cares about his own flesh and will curse Jehovah God if everything is taken from him. However, Jehovah God, knowing his loyal servant Job, allows Satan to test Job’s integrity. With that, Satan goes to the earth and kills all Job’s 10 children; plus, Satan gives Job boils all over his body and has all Job’s property stolen, while Job’s wife and friends abandon him. During this whole time, Job knows nothing about Jehovah God’s conversation with Satan; however, after some time, when Job has proven his integrity, Jehovah God talks to Job out of a windstorm and reveals the whole truth to Job.

Toward the end of this final episode of Impulse, Jenna realizes Henry’s a monster. Jenna confronts Henry about killing Nikolai. Not only that, Jenna feels Henry killed Anna too. Henry can’t explain herself, and she promises to make it better. With that, she leaves Jenna a note.

I thought one scene, in particular, really separated Henry and Cleo’s generation. It’s the scene where Henry and Cleo watch a movie on Henry’s laptop and eat take out Chinese food. In the past, generations bonded by watching movies on big tv’s in the living room; however, Henry and Cleo bond over a movie on a bed in front of a laptop- anyways who the hell buys big LCD tv’s these days.

Finally, the whole Impulse series ends when Henry has a terrible fight with her mom, Cleo and leaves Reston, New York, for good. The whole fight was about Henry not ending up like her mother. Anyways, Henry teleports to Spain and meets the mysterious Fatima, who can stop time and teleport too. However, we will never find out what happens to Henry and Fatima, because the series was cancelled in March 2020.

In the final analysis, I really enjoyed Impulse. A lot of it made sense to me for obvious and personal reasons. Anyways, I haven’t watched a good series in awhile, but this series was really good. Too bad it was cancelled, because it was really, really good.

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