Episode 10 of Impulse is called “New Beginnings,” and it’s the finali of this season. To start this last episode of season one, for starters, Bill Boothe is busted by the FBI. Not only that, Bill’s bad luck doesn’t end when his turn of events is followed by the Boothe home burning down, which the Mennonites did in retaliation over Amos Miller’s death. As well, Henry saves Clay’s life, but Clay is angry and isn’t thankful. Finally, Townes has been hacked. This segment clears up a few story lines which have been developing over season one.

First and foremost, Henry saves Clay in this season climax. This happens when Henry stumbles on a burning Boothe home. Henry then enters the home and teleports Clay and herself to safety: Henry’s bedroom. This is the main story line of episode 10.

After this teleportation, Clay understands everything. He understands why his car is crushed and why he’s paralyzed. Clay knows the whole truth, now.

Nevertheless, Clay blames Henry for his paralysis. He screams at Henry, saying, “You paralyzed me!” Henry is shocked that Clay is carrying a grudge, because she just saved his life.

Clay reveals that he is going to tell everyone about Henry, “I am going to tell everyone what you did to me. I am going to tell everyone what you are,” Clay screams.

However, Henry isn’t worried about Clay’s threats. She tells him point blank: “But nobody will believe you, Clay.” Plus, she tells him that he doesn’t have a home, and the Boothe reputation is in shambles due to his father being busted for drug trafficking.

At this point, Henry has only one thing to say to Clay. “Good luck with that,” Henry smiles.

Afterward, Townes tells Henry that she’s some sort of anti-superhero. Townes comes out with it and says to Henry: “You’re a superhero. Not in the traditional sense of the word, since you do drugs and have a genuine disdain for people.”

It’s this segment where Bill Booth gets some bad news. “The FBI doesn’t f..k around. They frozen your assets.” next time, don’t deal drugs, if you don’t want to experience asset forfeiture by law enforcement.

As well, this episode deals with the issue of state and federal sovereignty. Bill tells deputy Hulce, saying, “I have nothing to say to you. Talk to my lawyer. Or send someone in here with actual authority.” It’s not clear which level of government has authority in Bill’s case.

During this time in the broadcast, the FBI arrive at Bill Booth’s Auto with a search warrant. They are seizing all files in the offices. Bill Boothe isn’t pleased when this search is conducted.

We see, too, in “New Beginnings” that deputy Hulce got a promotion. Bill tells Sheriff Hulce: “Making yourself comfortable, I see.” During the FBI raid of Bill Boothe Auto, Sheriff Frederick Dale was shot in the head, so deputy Hulce is promoted to Sheriff.

Meanwhile, Clay tells his dad what Henry did to him. Clay says to Bill: “She did something. And she grabbed me. And I don’t know, everything just came at us. And then I saw my wheelchair and it crumbled. Dad, she made it happen. And just a second later, we were in her house. I don’t know how she did it; how it happened. But it f..king happened.” Clay adds, “I remembered what happened in the truck, that day. Henry crushed me, too, cause she wanted to. She has some kind of. I don’t know. I don’t know, but Henry did this to me.”

Back at Townes Linderman’s house, Jenna has a question. “What does this mean? Teleporters are taking people?” Jenna questions Townes.

Townes tells Jenna it’s not random people who are kidnapped. “Not just any people. Michael Pierce was a geneticist. He worked for Clear Tech.”

This finali, “New Beginnings,” ends with a surprise. We learn Townes has been hacked. It seems a hacker took down his Youtube video of the teleporter. As well, the hacker has gotten into Townes’ computer.

When this airing ends, Nikoli returns. He comes back to clean up a mess: Henry’s mess. Apparently Henry made a mess when she last teleported; she took the arm of Bill Boothe. Now Nikoli has to clean up the bodies and the blood.

To sum up, this episode ties together some loose ends, which have been developing all season. First, Bill Boothe is finally caught for selling drugs; that is, the FBI made a surprise drug bust, and he was charged with drug trafficking. Not only that, Henry saved Clay Boothe’s life, and Clay learns the truth behind his paralyzation. We see the Mennonites take revenge against Bill Boothe. And Nikoli returns to clean up Henry’s mess. This episode was the finali of season one of Impulse.

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