“The Eagle and the Bee” has a few story developments. To start off this broadcast, Henry has PSTD, which triggers her teleportation. Next, after a Mennonite boy overdoses on fentanyl, the DEA takes over the local state investigation. As well, after her latest teleportation to a childhood closet, Henry meets Dippy, a old lady who owns her old house. Finally, at the end of this broadcast, a mysterious corporation is coming for Henry. These are some of the stories to follow in this episode.

As this airing starts, Henry returns to her childhood closet when she teleports from her bed in Reston, New York. In the closet, she finds old pictures. She even finds an old height marker on the wall. Henry hasn’t quite figured out why she keeps returning to her childhood closet.

However, in the middle of exploring the closet and her childhood house, she’s confronted by an old lady with a shotgun, Dippy. The old lady wants to know how she got in her house. Dippy asks Henry to leave the house.

Meanwhile, the feds are taking over a local state death investigation, which involves the overdose death of a local Mennonite boy. The feds think they can bust a national drug ring, and they don’t want the states ruining it for them. Nora Barnes is in charge of the federal investigation of the Mennonite boy’s death.

Officially, the feds say there is an opioid crisis. That’s why they are in Reston, New York. The Mennonite boy’s death is part of that nationwide opioid crisis. However, you get the feeling that the feds are there for other reasons.

During this episode, we learn, Henry does not like being around people. This fact is well known to those who know Henry. Townes Linderman, a high school acquaintance, reiterates, “Henry doesn’t want my help. She doesn’t want friends.” Henry avoids people.

Back at the local police station, the lead officer closes the investigation of the death of the Mennonite boy. He orders Deputy Hulce to turn over the file. Also, he’s firm when he tells her it’s over, but closing this investigation looks suspicious as hell.

Elsewhere, in Dippy’s house, Henry has memory flashbacks. She sees a child locked in a closet. Also, a man is approaching the closet with a shotgun. Henry does not know what to make of these memories.

Later, after Henry meets Dippy, they have a chat. Henry and Dippy sit down and talk. Dippy tells Henry, explaining, “You know, I use to get my nails done once a week. Not much point, these days.”

Dippy tells Henry about families. Specifically, she says families like to fight. In fact, Dippy reveals that she never met a family that didn’t fight or wasn’t miserable because of fighting.

At Bill Boothe’s auto, Cleo gets a strange long hug from Lucas. After telling Lucas, she sold her first car with his auto advice, Lucas gives her a long strange hug. It appears the reason for Lucas’s long hug was he was reliving a murder. Apparently, he killed the Mennonite boy.

It should be mentioned that Deputy Hulce is a good cop. However, she is just one good cop in a sea of bad cops. Deputy Hulce has to deal with police corruption in a small town infested with opioids.

As well, a mysterious corporation is after Henry. In fact, this mysterious corporation has sent Nikoli, a hired killer, to find her. Nikoli was responsible for the death of a teleporter, Dominic, and his son.

After a brief talk, the corporation orders Nikoli to Reston, New York. Nikoli is to retrieve Henry. The corporation wants Henry for research purposes.

On the whole, this was an ok episode. I liked the part about Henry’s PSTD- that stuff is real. Also, the part of corrupt cops is so true; you’d be hard pressed to find a good cop in some of these small towns, because these cops are drug dealers and take their cut of drugs. Not to mention all the other cop bullshat like tampering with evidence, etc. I enjoyed this segment.

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