This airing is a live eviction, along with a few notable moments in this week’s game. First, who will leave Big Brother: Ian or Tyler? Next, we learn Dani acts out of self interest, even though it means lying. As well, Memphis appears to be running The Committee. Finally, Julie drops some good advice, but will anyone listen? By the end of this episode, someone will go home; that being said, the All-Stars play the game.

Right off the start, Davonne woke up and started playing Big Brother. While in talks, Davonne says, “Taking Kevin off the blockā€¦ That’s great for my game.” I hope, for Davonne’s sake, it’s not too late to start playing Big Brother.

Elsewhere, Kevin got one thing right: Big Brother is political. “For the first time this summer, this chain of command of majority block voting is forced to break up,” Kevin blurts out.

Meanwhile, in the game, when it comes to self interest, Dani isn’t above lying. “I am lying to Ian right now, because I need him to feel as safe as possible,” Dani flatly tells us.

Oddly, in this episode, math found it’s way onto Big Brother. “Is four like a prime number?” Dani wonders.

In this broadcast, we see Dani being honest about the game.

“Bigger picture, I cannot go against The Committee because they have all the numbers, and if Ian has to go to jury this week, that is just something we have to do to further ourselves in this game,” Dani explains.

On live feeds, Ian sees Memphis as a lone wolf. “I feel as if he’s playing a lone wolf sort of game,” Ian says about needing a vote from Memphis.

Moreover, we learn, too, that Memphis thinks Ian is a better player than Tyler.

“As good as Tyler might be, Ian won first place,” says Memphis who keeps Tyler only because he needs a strong alliance.

During this airing, Davonne noticed the obvious: Tyler is safe. “The fact that Tyler is not campaigning is really sending me red flags,” Davonne divulges.

That being said, it’s an eye for an eye on Big Brother. “If I screw up their game, they definitely will screw up mine,” Nicole says about keeping Ian.

According to The Committee, you are either with us or against us. “If we go against The Committee, it puts us in the worst spot in the house,” Dani says to Nicole.

However, Nicole was right about one thing: The Committee dropped the ball when they could of got Tyler out.

“I think this is the right time to get Tyler out. Who knows if we’ll ever get him sitting on the block again. I did win this game once,” asserts Nicole, “and I feel like I know the timing is right. And the timing is now to get Tyler out of this house.”

Lastly, at the end of this broadcast, we get some great advice from Julie Chan. “Don’t judge or you too will be judged!” However, this is Big Brother, so the house will never act on it.

In conclusion, this episode saw Ian evicted. Although he campaigned all week, even up to the last moment, it just wasn’t in the cards to keep Ian. With Ian gone, The Committee gets stronger, but will it turn on itself? Most definitely, The Committee will turn on itself; anyways, what house can stand that is divided. That being said, the game must go on.

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