“Episode 16” was a laid back episode. To start, Memphis talked crud about David and Davonne in a late night session with “The Committee”. Also, Enzo found a million ants on the food in the kitchen. Plus, Christmas refuses to part with her ride or die. Finally, Bayleigh is mad as hell at Tyler. These are just some moments in Big Brother that stood out to me in this segment.

To start, Memphis was calling Davonne a fool on live feeds.

“It’s one thing to make someone look like a fool… I don’t give a f..k,” Memphis announces to The Committee.

Besides that, Memphis wants to blind-sight Davonne. Memphis explains to The Committee late at night: “We’ll deal with a pissed off woman… A blind-sighted woman.” Memphis wants Davonne out of the game.

Plus, Memphis hates David’s guts, according to live feeds. “I wouldn’t say shat to David. That idiot doesn’t know his mouth from his a….hole,” Memphis laughs.

Meanwhile, back in the kitchen, Enzo finds a million ants on food. Disgusted, Enzo complains, “Probably a million ants in this shat.”

Elsewhere, Dani can’t sleep. She tells us, saying, “I not used to going to bed early. I should go wake up Cody ‘hang out with me.'”

Meantime, back in the game, Christmas won’t give up on her ride or die.

“She refused to let her closest allie throw in the towels,” Julie announces about Christmas keeping Tyler.

In fact, Christmas won’t eat Tyler. “I understand Tyler wanted to go up on the block, but I am not going to cannibalize my own alliance,” Christmas tells DR.

In this episode, Bayleigh is not happy during the eviction.”Can we share who you said your untouchable was?” Bayleigh points out to Christmas.

It was this broadcast in which Cody received terrible news. “My grandfather, Pop Pop, had passed away on labor day,” says a down Cody.

Throughout this airing, Cody is depressed. “It’s just hard not being home. It’s just hard being in here when something like that happens,” Cody relates.

Christmas won’t do the dirty work.

“I am not going to do her dirty work to get Tyler out. They want him gone. They can do it themselves,” mutters Christmas about Bayleigh and Davonne.

Toward the end of this segment, Bayleigh has beef with Tyler.

“Tyler has always had my head twisted on the floor and thrown all over the place. So I would of even known than that he was coming after me from years ago,” Bayleigh reveals.

For good reason, Bayleigh is upset with Tyler. “He admitted to coming after me and sabotaging me. And he near how much that hurt me,” Bayleigh relates about Tyler.

However, Tyler just wants to be friends with Bayleigh. “I am really happy we can come out of this friends, and we can stay that way this time,” Tyler adds.

In summary, there was little drama in this broadcast. The Committee talked trash late at night on other All-Stars. Dani couldn’t sleep, and Enzo found tons of ants. Finally, Cody got bad news from home. This episode was chill, sort of.

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