This season of CBS Big Brother 22 is turning out to be unconventional for a few reasons. To date, no new episodes have been posted. Also, this unconventional season is messing with some player’s game. Julie Chan was right: season will be one to remember.

First and foremost, CBS Big Brother isn’t sticking to a set schedule. For example, as of yet, Big Brother production hasn’t posted the Thursday or Sunday episodes, which would of been posted if this was last year. Also, some of the game players have admitted that they haven’t been able to get their game on. This week was unconventional.

After peeping live feeds, I see nominations are up. Keesha and Kevin have been nominated. If it were me, I’d send Kevin packing because he’s a strong physical player, which is hard to believe since he looks like a nerd. Also, on the feeds, Kevin is campaigning hard. On the other hand, it would be better to keep Keesha around or drag her to the final five since she seems like a weak physical player. Yeah, I hope Kevin goes home because that would be my move.

That being said, Janelle and Kaysar are safe. Janelle is safe, which can turn out to be a bad move since she has a strong social game. Kaysar is pretty much a strong physical and social player; therefore, he should be sent packing fast. However, I would of got rid of one of these strong players.

Of course, CBS Big Brother will find a way to keep Kevin or bring him back. He’s gay, so CBS has to appease it’s huge gay audience watching the show. I hate to say it, but it’s politics to keep this guy in the game.

One player I’ll be watching is Dani. She’s a strong physical and social player. She definitely can go far in the game if she’s still got it in her. Of course, the game just started, but I will be keeping an eye on her.

If I have to pick a second, it’ll be Tyler. I like Tyler, but that was in his season. I guess I have to get to like him again.

In summary, this season is worth watching because it is guaranteed to be different. Covid-19 is definitely having an impact on the game because production is delayed and it’s impacting player’s game. If you want to watch a different season and see stuff that can’t be planned on game shows, this is the season and show to watch, so it should be entertaining to say the least if an earthquake, war, or food shortage doesn’t happen.

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