Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman’s “Episode 38” makes light on these two story lines. The first story involves blind faith, fake religious faith healers, and Loretta. The next story line looks at a murderous workers’ union that wants to get George Shumway. These story lines will have you laughing.

To begin, Loretta has blind faith when it came to being healed in a wheelchair. “Well, your faith failed you my dear. Too bad,” said Dorelda Doremus with a big smile.

Loretta couldn’t lie to the Lord about blind faith, according to Dorelda Doremus. “Oh yes, the Lord knows what’s in our hearts, ‘Be not deceived. He that believeth on him shall rise to the heights. And he who has doubt in his heart shall fall to the earth,” explained Dorelda Doremus to a sad Loretta.

However, Charlie can’t understand why blind faith failed Loretta. “Then my Loretta is going to rise to heights cause she never had no doubt in her heart,” yelled a disappointed Charlie.

When it came to blind faith, Loretta had tons of excuses. “I never lost my faith for one minute. Really, I didn’t. I kept believing. And I do believe that the Lord will raise me up out of this wheelchair, really. And I kept believing that even to the very last second fell on my keister,” Loretta pleaded to Dorelda Doremus.

Nevertheless, Dorelda Doremus scolded Loretta for not believing that the Lord could cure her. “Well, my dear. Do you doubt the Lord could raise up somebody that believeth on him?” said a sternly looking Dorelda Doremus.

That being said, if Loretta really had faith or was worthy, the Lord would of cured her, according to Dorelda Doremus.

“No my dear, you believe you believed but you really didn’t otherwise the Lord would of raised you up and you would be on your knees right now thanking him,” Dorelda pointed out to Loretta who had blind faith.

At this point, Loretta is at a loss of words and looks to Charlie for answers. But Loretta tells Charlie: “Charlie, do you think I lost just a smidgen of faith?” Charlie just stares at her.

It’s at this point that Dorelda Doremus tells Loretta to go home and get faith.

“What you must do is renew your faith. You must strengthen your belief. You must make yourself worthy… My dear, trust me. Go home and when you have strengthen your faith and you have renewed your believe come back and I will ask the lord to raise you up if you have become worthy,” Dorelda points out to Loretta.

However, Charlie believes Loretta is worthy even though he’s not the one doing the healing. Charlie says, “My wife doesn’t need to become worthy. She is already is worthy as they come.”

At this point, Mary puts in her two cents. “Ah, what the hell Dorelda Pearlmutter. I mean just give her another shot at it for Brooklyn,” Mary yells at Dorelda Doremus.

Meantime, Charlie wants a miracle, but Dorelda Doremus just wants to talk.

“They came here to see a miracle. That’s what they came here to see. And that’s what they want to see. Am I right?” Charlie points out to Dorelda. “I must speak now to these lovely people came her to see me talk,” explains Dorelda Doremus.

Nevertheless, there will be no miracles for Loretta. Mary says to everyone, “Well, back to the drawing board.” At this point, Loretta tries to rise from her wheelchair and walk but takes a spill for a second time.

Elsewhere, the Shumways are going to watch the Dorelda Doremus show on TV. “George, we’re going to have to watch the Dorelda Doremus show on the black and white set,” Martha says in the middle of fight at the dinner table.

While waiting for Dorelda Doremus to come on TV, the Shumways talk about unions and how they murder people. “Those conventions. People get murdered in their beds. What would you do if you got murdered in your bed?” Martha pleads to George

Martha doesn’t want George to run for union office because they might murder him. “You better not run for union office or they will kill you,” Martha say to George after receiving a disturbing phone call.

Back at the TV studio, Dorelda Doremus reems out her announcer for not screening people in the studio audience. “Another thing, keep that hillbilly broad and her husband away from me,” Dorelda tells her show announcer.

Because the Dorelda Doremus show went well, Dorelda’s staff give themselves a pat on the back. “You ought to be honey. You done that paralyzed shtick for a long time,” Dorelda tells the fake paralyzed woman.

While Dorelda gives her staff a talk, Mary Hartman enters Dorelda’s dressing room to tell her something. “The thing is she believes in you. I mean she really does. And I think that because she does, maybe she can get cured by the faith. But you got to take her again. You got to give her another chance. You see, she doesn’t know you’re a fake,” smiles Mary to Dorelda’s face.

Now, Dorelda Doremus is mad. “A fake? Ah, may the Lord strike you down for those words of blasphemy. May he visit a plague on your house for punishment for your sin. May his wrath be visited on your family, yay onto the seventh generation. I am not Dorelda Doremus. Come on, get the hell out of here. Get lost!” Dorelda screams.

As the scene plays out, we learn that Mary has a strange view of religious people. Mary says, “I had no idea religious people could talk like that.” Mary thought religious people didn’t sin or were angels or something.

Towards the end of “Episode 38,” Tom calls it as he sees it. “Charlie, it’s a scam. Forget it. She won’t even admit who she is,” Tom says about the Dorelda Doremus TV show.

Afterward, George and Martha have a talk about the Lord. “But George, how can they preempt the Lord like that for a dog show?” Martha says to George when the Dorelda Doremus show was cancelled.

But George sets Martha straight about the show and the Lord. “Martha, they’re not preempting the Lord. They’re just preempting Dorelda Doremus,” George proclaims.

Nonetheless, Martha wonders why blind faith can’t fix the Dorelda Doremus TV show. “Well, what happened to her? You mean the Dorelda Doremus show? When I don’t know, you see, if she has all that faith that she can heal people, why can’t she fix her own TV show?” Martha says to George after the cancellation of the Dorelda Doremus show.

Overall, this was a good episode. Loretta found out that it takes more than blind faith to heal a woman in a wheel chair. As well, there are plenty of fake healers out there ready to pounce on desperate people for material ends. This episode exposes blind faith, fake religious healers, and corrupt unions.

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