Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman’s “Episode 34” has some very interesting story lines to watch in quarantine. First, Tom weasels his way back into Mary’s heart after wining and dining her. Next, after Dr. Abrahamson is fired for insubordination, he urges Loretta to sue the hospital. As well, Grandpa Larkin gives Roberta some advice on how to sell products, which involves being mean. Plus, Loretta gets out of the hospital. Finally, Mary exposes Derelda Dureemus, the evangelical faith healer, as a bad wife and mother. These story lines will keep your mind off Covid 19 and some funny stuff.

In this episode, the honeymoon is over for Mary and Tom. Mary sighs, saying, “I am just doing the dishes. I don’t want to leave Charlie with dirty dishes… It’s just like when we fell in love.” For Mary, it must seem like things never change no matter where you go.

Elsewhere, at the Fernwood Hospital, Dr. Abrahamson urges Loretta to litigate.

“If you decide to sue and you want someone to testify for you, I’d be more than happy to come back. If you do go to court and you need me, you can always reach me through my exchange. Goodbye Mrs Haggers, ” Dr. Abrahamson tell Loretta.

Back at the Shumway household, Grandpa Larkin give Roberta some advice on how to sell products. “Oh yeah, the meaner you are the more you’ll sell. Mark my words for it,” Grandpa Larkin asserts.

It’s at this momment that Blanche arrives and has a few words with Roberta.

“I never use make-up myself. Just plain old soap and water for me,” Blanche says.

Despite this, Roberta acts on some of Grandpa Larkin’s advice. “Well, I guess that’s why you look the way you do,” Roberta

That being said, Grandpa Larkins backs up Roberta. Raymond looks at Blanche and smiles, saying, “You see, she’s like a doctor. Doctors can’t give away free advice socially or they will lose all their patients.”

Roberta supports Grandpa Larking, too. “What a nice way of putting it Raymond,” Roberta smiles.

Meanwhile, Loretta and Mary talk about Derelda Dureevus, the evangical faith healer. Loretta gives a testimony and says: “And hon, when she lays her hands on the poor, the lame, the held, the aflicted, hon, it just raises their spirits. It’s just like the God Almighty himself touched them. You got a witnessing Mary.”

However, later that night, Mary reads Mrs. Magazine which exposes Derelda Dureevus. Mary gasps, saying:

Oh wait, something just caught my eye. Wait a minute. This isn’t that kind of an article. This is about that faith healer, Derelda Dureemus. Uh oh, oh boy, oh Tom, this is awful. Do you know who she is? She’s the former Erma Pearlmutter of Erusmus Highschool from Brooklyn, New York. Tom, what kind of God person would change her name from Erma Pearlmutter to Derelda Dereemus. A former housewife and mother of three, Erma Pearlmutter, ran away from home when her husband, a button home maker, was laid off cause he was tubercula. Oh Tom, and her oldest child was only 11. Heather was 11. This was the faith healer that was supposed to cure Loretta.

During this revelation, Mary just keeps the information to Tom and herself, and she just stays quiet. “Of course, if I take away her hope, that will kill her. I mean Loretta thinks she’ll be walking by Friday night,” Mary says.

To conclude, this episode will keep you thoughts off covid 19. You’ll just have to laugh when Tom gets back in the house. As well, you have to wonder if Dr. Abrahamson really was genuine when talking about Loretta’s well-being or if he was just using her to get back at the hospital after firing him for insubordination. Finally, it was good to learn that Mary exposed the faith healer, Derelda Dureemus. The laughs of this episode will provide some temporary relief from thinking about covid 19.

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