In review, “Episode 20” is out there. First, Mary eats a cake for breakfast, while she wonders if the dish soap made her hands younger. Also, Martha blames biorhythms for her family’s troubles. Plus, Mary sanitizes her toilet. Finally, Martha explains to Mary that she will only be happy if she’s misable. This episode was weird.

“Episode 20” begins with a cake. Martha brings Mary one, saying, “Good morning, Mary. I brought you cake.” Mary digs into the cake.

As well as that, Mary smiles and says. “I am scrubbing my counters.”

However, Mary is anxious as hell.

“Can you tell my age from my hands? This dish soap is supposed to make your hands look younger,” questions Mary.

Mary ends up screaming at her mother. Mary yells: “I am talking about my hands! If I can’t talk about my hands to my own mother, who am I going to talk about my hands to?”

Martha blames Mary’s anxiety on biorhythms.

“It must be biorhythms. What’s wrong with my family,” wonders Martha.

Meanwhile, Martha talks about Grandpa Larkin. Apparently, according to Martha, Grandpa Larkin is running around with women: “And Grandpa. He’s running around with that young Roberta and Frannie Cruishank.”

Not only that, Martha talks about Cathy. Martha worries about Cathy’s future with Steve: “Now following in love with that young deaf mute boy. What kind of marriage could she have?”

Mary sanitizes her toilet. Mary says to Martha, “Oh, it’s Friday. I have to go sanitize my toilet. I always sanitize my toilet on Friday.”

In addition to this, Mary wonders when Martha sanitizes her toilet.

“What day do you sanitize your toilet ma? The label says you should do it regularily… It makes everything nice for the weekend,” proclaims Mary.

Martha asks Mary about divorce.

“I know times are a changing. Now, even poor people get a divorce. But if you think I am going to stand by while a daughter of mine gets a divorce, of course unless she hates him, you got another thing coming,” cries Martha.

Even though Mary is misable in her marriage, it’s the only way to be happy, according to Martha. “Well my advice to you is you should make up with Tom. You know he’s not the world’s most perfect person in the world, but he’s a nice fellow. And you can’t deny that he’s a man. And you can’t deny he’s the father of your child. Now, you can’t deny that, can you, no… But I do know this, even if you are misable living with him, it’s the only way you are going to be happy.”

That being said, Tom goes to the coach for advice, even though he gets none. “If a coach is a real man, he’ll listen to anything you got to say. Except about sex. If you want to about sex and dirt like that, you know, forget it,” Coach says.

Elsewhere, Mary talks to Sgt. Foley about cooking. “Tom has a Schlitz, while I finish cooking,” groans Mary.

Briefly, I liked this weird episode. After all, who eats a cake in morning? Also, who knew people pick days to sanitize toilets. As well, you got to misable in a marriage to be happy sounded right. I enjoyed this weird segment.

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