On Tuesday, August 27, 2019th, in a retrospective moment, I watched Stranger Things 2’s “Chapter Six: The Spy” in the afternoon. One thing that struck me about this episode: Sam Owens and his doctors don’t know what’s wrong with Will. Also, finally, Nancy, Jonathan, and Murray mail an incriminating tape to the Chicago Sun Times. Plus, it’s a strange thing to battle an interdimensional demogorgon in an old car junkyard in the country. On this second look at season 2 of Stranger Things, these are some storylines that caught my attention.

In the beginning of “Chapter Six: The Spy,” Sam Owens, director at the Hawkins laboratory, doesn’t know what’s wrong with Will. Joyce calls Sam out on this fact, screaming, “What? Stay calm? Trust you? No, I want him transferred to a real hospital… And what are you treating him for? Can anyone tell me what’s wrong with him? Can a single person in this room tell what is wrong with my boy? What is wrong with my boy?” I found it interesting that Joyce was trusting Sam Owens when he doesn’t even know what’s wrong with Will.

Nevertheless, it’s concerning to me when Sam Owens won’t let Will leave the hospital. Sam Owens states: “Well, you know that’s not possible.” Joyce and Will do have rights to leave a hospital.

That being said, Joyce warns Bob about the hospital. Joyce warns Bob, whispering, “They made me sign like a thousand documents, I mean. We all had to. They are going to make you do the same. I am sure.” That being said, the laboratory wants indemnification and protection from lawsuits.

In a cautious tone, Bob wants to know about the documents. “What kind of documents?” whispers Bob.

Joyce knows little about the documents. Joyce says, “Um, confidentiallity. Official forms like nothing ever happened.” She tells Bob what she knows.

At this point, Bob begins to talk about moving of of Hawkins. “Kind of makes my idea of moving to Maine less crazy.”

Meanwhile, Will has PTSD according to Sam Owens. Will’s brain has changed according to MRI scans, which show a PTSD brain. Sam Owen discusses Will’s PSTD with his medical staff.

At this point in the episode, Nancy, Jonathan, and Murray mail the tapes of Sam Owens to Chicago Sun Times. In a small celebration, Murray says to Nancy and Jonathan: “Whoo-hoo! To taking down the man.” In reply, Nany and Jonathan respond: “To taking down the man.”

Elsewhere, at Billy’s and Max’s house, Lucus knocks on the front. However, Billy is too lazy to answer it and yells at Max, saying, “Who the hell were you talking to?”

In response, Max plays off Billy. Max looks around and says to Billy, “Mormons.” Max makes up an excuse.

It’s this broadcast where the Stranger Things kids battle the demogorgon. The battle takes place at a car lot in the country side. The demogorgon leaves at the last moment of the battle.

Meanwhile, Will’s has a crisis at the hospital. Will cries to Mike, pleading, “They made me. You shouldn’t of upset him.” Mike screams, “The spy!” and dashes out of the room to warn the others and Sam Owens.

In one scene in “Chapter Six: The Spy,” the demogorgon attacks Sam Owen’s soldiers at the laboratory, which looks like a scene from the 1986 movie Aliens. In the Aliens scene, Paul Reiser watches a monitor when his soldiers are killed by aliens. Similarly, in this segment, the alien attack happens in underground tunnels.

In summary, here’s my take on the second look at “Chapter Six: The Spy” on Netflix. First, Sam Owens and his doctors don’t know have a clue about Will’s sickness. Plus, it’s good that Nancy, Jonathan, and Murray are spilling the beans on Sam Owens and his evil laboratory. As well, just thinking about it, it a stupid idea to battle an interdimensional monster in a junkyard in the country with a bat. Finally, who knew a PTSD brain looks different from a normal brain. Yeah, these were a few things about this segment, which stood out to me on a second look, but I enjoyed it a second time around.

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