On Wednesday, August 21, 2019th, in the early morning hours, I finished my second look at season 2 of Stranger Things’ “Will The Wise,” which had some things that caught my eye. Namely, Eleven rages out on Chief Hopper. Also, government agents detain Nancy and Jonathan. As well, Sam Owens reveals some truth. Further, Max is excluded from the party, and she has to deal with Billy’s racism. These are some things which caught my eye in “Will The Wise” of Stranger Things 2.

To start, Eleven rages at Chief Hopper for going outside. Eleven screams at Hopper, saying, “Nobody saw me!” However, Hopper responds, “You put us in danger! You realize that, don’t you!” Eleven rages out like the Hulk on Hopper.

Moreover, Eleven doesn’t care what Hopper thinks. Eleven screams at Hopper, yelling: “You promised I go! And I never leave! Nothing ever happens! You lie!” She’s really upset.

At this point, Eleven flies into a rage. She uses her powers to hurdle a thick book at Hopper. Next, she knocks him with a red couch. Plus, she won’t let Hopper lift the television. Finally, she knocks over a book shelf and shatters all the windows in the house. Eleven is mad as hell.

In “Chapter Four: Wil The Wise,” government agents are watching Nancy and Jonathan when they go to meet Barabara’s mother to reveal the truth to her about Barbara. At a local park, Nancy whispers to Jonathan, quietly saying, “I think we should go.” Nancy notices strangers watching them at the park.

At this point, Nancy and Jonathan make a break for it. Nevertheless, their car won’t start, and some guy taps on their window, saying, “Sure you don’t need that ride?” The government puts the breaks on Nancy and Jonathan.

In a Wizard Of Oz like moment in which the wizard reveals what’s behind the curtains to Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Lion, and the Tin Man, Sam Owens explains to Nancy and Jonathon about a government screw up. Owens relates: “Men of science have made abundant mistakes of every kind.”

As the government continues to detain them, Nancy and Jonathan cofront the government about killing Barbara Holland. Nancy tells Sam Owens: “Mistakes? You killed Barbara!”

However, Sam Owens offers to show them what killed Barabara. Sam Owens explains, “Want to see what killed your friend?”

Nevertheless, Sam Owens agrees a mistake killed Barabara. Sam Owens says, “See, the thing is, we can’t seem to erase our mistake. But we can stop it from spreading. It’s like pulling weeds.”

Furthermore, Sam Owens wants to hide Barabara’s death.

“But imagine for a moment, if a foreign state, let’s say the Soviets. If they heard about our mistake. Do you even think they would consider that a mistake? What if they tried to replicate that?”

Sam Owens wants to cover up the truth about Barbara’s death.

“The more attention we bring to ourselves, the more people like the Hollands know the truth, the more likely that scenario becomes. You see why I have to stop the truth from spreading? Same as those weeds there. By whatever means necessary. So we understand each other now, don’t we.”

Elsewhere, Max doesn’t feel like a part of the group.

“No! I don’t understand! You guys act like you want me to be your friend, but then you treat me like garbage! You go and hide in the AV Club, keeping secrets like we’re in second grade or something. You know, I thought you guys wanted me in your party. Did you keep secrets from El? You know what? Forget it, okay? I don’t wanna be in your stupid party anyway. I’m out. Have a nice life.”

Also, Billy expresses his racist views to Max about Lucas.

“That kid you were talking to, who is he? No one? Why was he talking to you? Then why’re you so upset? He causing you trouble? Because, Max, you’re a piece of shit, but we’re family now whether we like it or not, meaning I’m stuck looking out for you. Hey! This is serious shit, okay? I’m older than you. And something you learn is that there are a certain type of people in this world that you stay away from, and that kid, Max. That kid is one of them. You stay away from him, you hear me? Stay away.”

It’s this episode where Sam Owens tries to make amends to Nancy for killing Barbara. Sam Owens says: “Doesn’t really matter. The point is mistakes have been made. The men involved in those mistakes. The ones responsible for what happened to your brother and Miss Holland’s death. They’re gone.”

Consequencely, Nancy and Jonathan make a plan to get even with the laboratory. Jonathan tells Nancy: “You still want to do this?” Nancy replies: “Lets burn that lab to the ground.” They going to burn Sam Owen’s laboratory to the ground.

Towards the end of this episode, Eleven finds files on her mother. In one folder, she finds articles on her mother. Another folder holds pictures of her mother. These files are stashed under the house.

At this point, Eleven wants to find her mother. She finds an old radio. She gets a blind fold. And she enters the upside down. Here, she finds her mother, and she has a breakdown when her mother dissolves before her eyes.

That being said, with all the damning evidence Eleven found, it would be a good idea for her to sue the government on behalf of her deceased mother. Under the law, Eleven can bring a lawsuit against the Sam Owens and Dr. Martin Brenner on behalf of her dead mom’s estate. And I am pretty sure, shock therapy causing comatose qualifies as medical malpractice.

Additionally, although the 1980s were a time of price wars among law firms, Eleven could find a lawyer with Cadillac service. Many lawyers offer products ranging from 1000 dollars an hour to a couple hundred an hour. Eleven should shop around for a decent lawyer.

In conclusion, some things stood out in my second look at “Will The Wise”. When Eleven gets mad, run for your lives, and you better have property insurance. Also, it occurred to me that Nancy and Jonathan should be suing the govenment for detaining them. As well, when Nancy’s parents find out the truth, they should sue for Barbara’s death, which is negligence on the government’s part. Plus, Max needs to step up and call the party on excluding her. As well, Billy needs to chill on his racism. On the second time around, I noticed these things, which I didn’t notice the first time, since I was just watching episodes in binges.

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