While reviewing Strangers Things 2 for a second time, I picked up on a few things in “Chapter Three: The Pollywog”. First, Eleven thinks friends shouldn’t lie, while she has flashbacks of her life in the bush. Also, Scott Clark discusses Phineas Gage. Plus, a drugstore has a bench, which faces it. Additionally, Nancy can’t stand people who get away with bad things. As well, Hopper likes to censor speech of Hawkins citizens. Finally, Eleven wonders around the woods and comes into contact with a lady pushing her child on a swing. These are just a few things that caught my eye on this second look at season 2 of Stranger Things.

To begin, Eleven and Hopper are having a fight. Eleven screams at Hopper, yelling: “Friend don’t lie.” Hopper screams back as he slams a door.

It’s this episode where we learn home sewing centers were a thing in the 80s. That being said, Joyce had a sewing center, and it was sitting in her living room. She has lots of spools of thread. Apparently, Joyce did lots of sewing in the 80s.

During this episode, Eleven has vivid flashbacks. She remembers living in the bush in the winter. Also, she remembers her first day with Hopper. Plus, she remembers the time when they first arrived at Hopper’s cabin.

While the Stranger Things kids are at school, Scott Clark, a teacher at Hawkins Middle School, tells his students about Phineas Gage, a railroad worker who was a great medical curiosity in the 1800s. According to Scott, Phineas suffered an accident, which was a steel rod passing through his skull. Apparently, after this accident, Phineas’ whole personality changed and his coworkers took notice of this fact. Phineas Gage was the subject of one of Scott’s classroom discussions.

A Jim Croce song plays in “Chapter Three: The Pollywog”. It’s called “You Don’t Mess Around With Jim”. There’s some good lyrics in this song like “you don’t step on superman’s cape.” I liked the lyrics of the song.

Here’s a question: When was the last time you saw a bench facing a drugstore? In one scene, Bob and Joyce are eating lunch while sitting on a bench, which faces the drugstore. Personally, I have never seen a drugstore with a bench like that. I guess drugstores had benches in the 80s.

In this broadcast, Nancy makes a good point when talking about things people get away with. She tells Jonathan, quietly: “Doesn’t that make you mad? Yeah, that those people who did this ruined so many lives. They just get away with it.”

However, Jonathan can look past the dead. Jonathan says: “Those people responsible for this, they’re dead.”

Nonetheless, Nancy doesn’t believe those people are dead. Nancy says: “Do you really believe that?”

Elsewhere, Eleven wonders around in the woods while running into a woman pushing her child on swing. The mother asks Eleven: “Where are your parents?” It’s at this point, Eleven causes a swing to move behind the woman, which gets the woman’s attention, and Eleven disappears into the woods.

In this broadcast, you see all Joyce’s 80s gadgets. She has a hand held land line phone. Also, she has a video cassette C. Plus, she has a huge video recorder. In the background, you can see her home stereo system, and she’s sitting in front of a huge console television.

Apparently, we learn in “Chapter Three: The Pollywog,” Chief Hopper is censoring speech in Hawkins. Hopper ressures Sam Owens: “I keep things nice and quiet for you. And you keep your shit out of my town. That is the deal. I have done my part, now you do yours.” Hopper is censoring speech of citizens for the government.

Furthermore, it’s this segment, where the government seems to be violating more civil rights of Hawkings citizens. In one scene, while the government is listening to phone calls in Hawkins, Nancy says: “Meet me tomorrow. Forest Hills Park. 9 AM.” The government is infringing on the right of privacy and conducting illegal wire taps of Hawkins citizens.

When leaving Hopper’s cabin because of bordom, Eleven draws attention. The authorities soon find out, saying,”You remember that Russian girl Murray was going on about the other day? Well, now I am thinking he’s not so crazy after all.” The deputy reports this information to Hopper.

While in the Hawkins Middle School gym on a skateboard. Max unexpectedly takes a fall. She tells Mike, who is standing next to her: “I don’t know. It was like a magnet or something pulling on my board. I know that sounds crazy.” Later, we learn Eleven caused Max’s fall in a fit of jealousy.

Overall, in hindsight, I noticed a number of things in review of this segment. I liked the fact that Eleven doesn’t like liars. Also, I’m glad Eleven survived winter in the bush. As well, Nancy is right: Bad people shouldn’t be allowed to get away with bad things. In my second look at season two, these are some things which stood out to me.

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