Chapter Two: Trick Or Treat, Freak

When reviewing season two of Stranger Things, I liked the episode “Chapter Two: Trick Or Treat, Freak” because it explores some serious underlying issues in the US. First, we look at a very busy government which is after a little girl, Eleven, who just wants to be “normal”. Second, this segment touches on racism which seems to be everywhere today. Plus, for some reason, Hawkins really smells like shit which might be cows. As well, Chief Hopper and Joyce get stoned on a cigarette which really is a joint. Furthermore, nobody cares if Barbara is still missing or if her parent’s lives are utterly destroyed. In hindsight, these are some underlying ideas which caught my attention in the second look at Stranger Things 2.

Throughout “Chapter Two: Trick Or Treat, Freak,” the Russians are lurking in Hawkins. Karen says to some serious looking government officials, “What about the Russians. What if they come looking for her,” she wonders as the government reassures here.

Moreover, the government wants to keep Hawkins under wrap in regards to the Russians. Karen’s husband says, “Top secret. Understoood. We’re all patriots in this house,’ exclaims Karen’s husband, Ted Wheeler.

Additionally, the government remains adamant while looking for Eleven. However, Mike refuses to give up Eleven, pleading, “I told you everything. I don’t know where she is. And even if I did, I would never tell you.”

You see, Eleven is extremely dangerous to our very busy government which seems to be so worried. A government agent tells Mike, “I know it’s difficult to accept. The stories she told you were not true. She’s a very dangerous individual.”

Because the government is desparately looking for her, Eleven sighs about not going out on Halloween which happens October 31th. She sighs when Hopper talks to her, saying, “You want to go trick-or-treating? You know the rules. Yeah, so you know the answer. Hey. I don’t care. I don’t care, all right? You go out there, ghost or not, it’s a risk. We don’t take risks. All right? They’re stupid, and we’re not stupid!”

In regards to 80s moments, while watching TV, we see Eleven staring at Susan Lucci, a star from All My Children. Susan played Erica in that soap operas. As well, she managed to star in a 80s made-for-television movie Invitation To Hell. Eleven likes soap operas.

Notably, “Chapter Two: Trick Or Treat, Freak” touches on racism which is serious topic. When Mike didn’t want to be Winston of the Ghostbusters, Lucas calls him out, saying, “Because you are not black.” However, Mike responds, “I didn’t say that.” That’s it, the US continues to have a race problem.

Honestly, in “Chapter Two: Trick Or Treat, Freak,” there is one scene which I find really hard to believe: It’s the scene where Hopper and Joyce talk about PTSD which is a serious issue. Hopper carefully explains to Joyce, saying, “I think he’s right. About trauma. And he’s right, we’re are coming up on a year, you know. i think everybody is on edge. Me, you, will most of all. We just got to get through the next few weeks. Nothing is going to go back to the way it was. Not really. But it will get better. In time.” I really don’t think people talked like this in the 80s.

Furthermore, Chief Hopper is smoking dope when whispering to his secret love Joyce about PTSD. “Bringing back to old times,” he smiles while holding his joint.

Of course, Joyce wants to smoke pot, too. She tells Hopper, “Give me a hoot.”

Here’s another thing: This episode sneaks in racist statements. In particular, a Hawkins police officer says, “Hawkins’ very own Chinatown.” This statement happened when the police were laughing at Murray Bauman for his belief in Russians in Hawkins.

On a serious note, we learn Joyce wants out of Hawkins in “Chapter Two: Trick Or Treat, Freak”. In a conversation, Bob Newby, Joyce’s current love interest, explains to Joyce, saying, “Whoa, Nellie, right? No, I just I’ve been thinking about what you said. About how we’ve got all these memories here, and you wish you had enough money to move. Well, my parents are selling their house in Maine. There’s a Radio Shack nearby. I’m sure they’d take me on.” Joyce doesn’t have enough money to move her family out of Hawkins.

In Hawkins, Hopper and Eleven aren’t the only ones worried about the government. At a high school house party, Steve tells a drunk, stumbling Nancy: “This isn’t some game, Nance. If they found out that we told any They could put us in jail. Okay? Or worse, they could destroy our families. They could do anything they want.”

Elsewhere, something really smells bad in Hawkins. A police officer makes the following comment, saying, “Smells like a nursing home.” Later, Billy yells at Max about the smell in Hawkins.

With the smell of shit in the Hawkins air, it’s Halloween which happens on October 31th. While wearing a Michael Myers mask from the movie Halloween, Max scares the hell out of Mike, Will, Dustin, and Lucas, saying, “And you? Who screams like that? You sound like a little girl… I heard we should hit up Nora. That’s where the rich people live, right?”

Later, the Stranger Things kids head to the rich neighborhoods for candy which basically they steal. Dustin laughs and tells his buddies, “Another full size. Like seriously, rich people are such suckers.”

In a bitter drunk moment, Nancy’s makes some serious points about Barb’s parents who are going crazy. She tells Steve at the house party, slurring “I can’t keep doing this. Pretending like everything’s okay. Barbara. It’s like everyone forgot. It’s like nobody cares. Except her parents. And now they’re selling their house. And they’re going to spend the rest of their lives looking for her. I know. It’s destroying them.” Barb’s parent’s lives are destroyed because the police haven’t found her.

In a moment of clarity, Nancy calls bullshit on everything in her life which is terrible. “No, you. You’re bullshit. What. You’re pretending like everything is okay. You know, like we didn’t like we didn’t kill Barb. Like, it’s great. Like, we’re in love and we’re partying. Yeah, let’s party, huh? Party. We’re partying. This is bullshit. It’s bullshit.”

Overall, this episode was great. We see a secret service after a little girl who just wants to be “normal”. Also, if you noticed, the chief of police is getting high on the job which is not exercising due care. Plus, nobody cares if Barb’ parents are destroyed which is really sad. These are just some ideas that stuck out to me in reviewing ” Chapter Two: Trick Or Treat, Freak” again.

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