Wolfmother’s “The Joker And The Thief”

Now, here’s a great song. A song when one is flying high. And racing around Los Angeles in a Mercedes.

This song has a biblical message. Wolfmother sings, “He’s always laughing in the midst of power. Always living in the final hour.” This refers to the last days of this system of things.

Apparently, in the song, the Joker transcends the world. Wolfmother lyrics say, “Can you see Joker flying over? As she stands in the field of clover?” Wolfmother wonders if people are aware of this fact.

Moreover, the Joker seems conscious. Wolfmother tells us, “Watching out everyday.” The Joker is wide awake.

Although the meaning of the Joker is non-obvious, nevertheless, you will get it. Wolfmother points out, “What you see, you might not know. You get the feeling after the glow. The vagabond is moving slow.”

Wolfmother mentions God. Wolfmother reveals, “I will tell you the story bout the Joker and the thief of night.” In the bible, God is compared to a thief that comes in the night at an undisclosed time to rob.

However, God will not be robbing, but he will be judging the wicked. “All the people that you see at night. Hold their dreams up to the light. The wilder beast is searching for sight. And we are not going home.”

Moreover, when the Joker is gone, that’s it folks. Wolfmother laughs, “I wonder what would happen if he took her away.” The end of the world will come.

Of course, Wolfmother tells us about the Joker at the beginning of the song. Wolfmother explains, ‘I said, the Joker is a wanted man.’ The Joker is wanted by God and the devil, so make sure to not keep God waiting.

Alas, I love this catchy song. And I can appreciate the message.