CBS Big Brother episodes 12 – 14

Throughout episodes 12 to 14, there have been some changes in the Big Brother house. First, Hailey and Kaitlyn have been nominated for evictions; further, Faysal is torn with the POV. Meanwhile, cracks are appearing in the Level Six Alliance.

To start, the house wanted spiritual Kaitlyn gone. In a vote of 9 to 1, the players voted out Kaitlyn. KC only voted for her. The house was cleansed of Kaitlyn.

In one case, a player really wanted Kaitlyn gone. While discussing the eviction for the week, Samantha said to Tyler in a slip of the tongue, ‘I’ll stomp a mud hole in that bitch’s chest.’ Clearly, Samantha showed her feelings about Kaitlyn.

This was the week for the Power App. Since Kaitlyn was evicted, she got the chance to enter the game if evicted. However, she lost the Power App competition, so she had to leave the Big Brother house.

During the fourth eviction, Faysal was torn. He promised to save Hailey and Kaitlyn, but he had to pick one at the POV. He chose Hailey. Moreover, he reassured Hailey of his vote at eviction.

In a bid to stay in the house, Rockstar was desperate. She talked to Brett. Brett thought it over, and he saw the advantage of keeping a weaker competitor.

Meanwhile, the Level Six alliance is on shaky ground. First, Brett went against the alliance when voting to keep Rockstar. Also, Tyler favored Kaitlyn, but he didn’t have the numbers to keep her.

Overall, the house got rid of another strong player. Remember, Kaitlyn casted the voted to get rid of Swaggy C. That being said, the Level Six alliance suffered for it.