CBS Big Brother 20 Review Episode 9-11

In the following blog post, I will discuss episodes 9 – 11 of CBS Big Brother 20. I’ll talk about the latest HOH, POV, BB Power Apps, game play, and recent evictions. Also, I’ll mention some things, which have be going on in the Big Brother house.

To begin, Scotty is the HOH for this week. The ‘nerd’ finally won. It’s his first time at winning HOH.

Also, Scotty nominated Brett and Winston. Scotty said Brett has ridiculous charisma, and he won’t be able to resist. Plus, Scotty doesn’t like liars, which includes Brett and Winston. Further, Brett and Winston needed to be nominated since they are a force to be reckoned. Later, Scotty won the POV, which allows him to keep his nominations intact.

Since this is the last week for the Big Brother App Store to be open, Bayleigh got lucky and won an app from America. She picked the “Identity Theft App,” which gives her the power to steal the HOH power and change nominations.

Meanwhile, America voted Hailey least favorite. As her punishment, she picked the App, which makes her read “Hamlet” whenever called upon by Big Brother. Furthermore, she has to stand on a soapbox and do it.

That being said, people got tired of Hailey and Hamlet. After a few lines, contestants drifted off to doing other things. Now, Hailey was alone to recite Hamlet in the bathroom, shower, storage room, etc.

Also, Tyler continues to be the evil genius of the game. First, Tyler plays it low key about Brett and Winston because he doesn’t want to be found out of his connection with them. Second, Tyler throws the POV competition because Brett and Winston are in his alliance. Third, Tyler feeds Kaitlyn lines because she’s not part his Level Six alliance. At this point, Tyler plays like a mad scientist about to rule the world.

Essentially, Tyler doesn’t need to think about anything. However, Tyler votes to evict Winston, which exposes himself to the other side of the house. Further, Tyler ends up with the Have Not group: Angela and Brett. If Tyler doesn’t get complacent, this will be another week of coasting for him.

After Winston was evicted, Rockstar flips out on Brett. Apparently, she’s mad at Brett about something to do with her daughter’s birthday. Also, there’s that speech in which Brett outed her. Anyways, Brett played it cool and blows it off.

In episode 11, we learn about Samantha. Her dad called her a chameleon, but he’s proud of her. Also, her mother called her trustful. Further, she seems to be patriotic. Samantha has a nice family.

Notably, Brett is hilarious. At his eviction, Brett gave funny speeches, which he mocked Kaitlyn and her visions. Also, he exposed Rockstar in a speech. Further, Brett was ridiculously funny when gave a speech to Scotty. Brett is turning out to be a real funny guy in Big Brother.

Overall, Tyler remains the top player of episodes 9 through 11. However, he should watch out for Samatha because she’s perceived as trustful and the new HOH. That being said, Tyler and Samantha could go to the final four.