CBS Big Brother 20 Week 1 and 2

In regards to week one and two of CBS Big Brother 20, here’s some highlights which stand out for me after two weeks of the game. In review, I’l mention a little on some players, the evictions, and a little game play. Finally, I’ll discuss the strongest player in my opinion.

To start, Steve, the undercover cop, got evicted. Essentially, he had little to no social game. However, he did have an overblown image of self, which probably worked against his favor. Moreover, he made no big moves in game. Additionally, he did bad in competitions. In the final analysis, Stevie played poorly in the game; therefore, he was evicted.

Interestingly, Swaggy C, a college basketball player, won first Head Of Household competition. He beat out Angela for the title. Now, he wants to get rid of Angela for gunning for him. Initially, things looked good for Swaggy C.

However, Tyler, a lifeguard, played it safe when he won the second Head Of Household competition. Basically, he nominated Steve, which nobody would miss if evicted. Plus, he nominated Sam because nobody would miss her too. Essentially, Tyler didn’t want to make waves with his alliances, so he nominated Steve and Sam.

After the first eviction, the house was split. Now, two factions  run the house. Tyler’s group composes one faction: Level Six. Also, Swaggy C’s group composes another faction. However, swing voters remain like Kaitlyn.

Notably, a robot was added to the game. A contestant had to play the game as a robot; that being said, Samantha was the robot. Of course, being a robot was a punishment for losing a competition. However, the robot punishment didn’t last long.

samantha robot

In this season, America could vote online to give a player power. America gave Sam the power, which she chose at the “Big Brother App Store”. The player trending the most got a power while the player trending the least got a punishment.

At the end of week two, Tyler’s plan was coming together. He won the power of Veto and took Winston off the block; hence, Caitlyn put up Swaggy C. Now, Tyler just needed seven votes to backdoor Swaggy C.

In the end, Tyler orchestrated the eviction of Swaggy C. Tyler got a key member of Swaggy C’s team to vote against him; hence, Swaggy C was totally blindsided. Now, Tyler can coast since Swaggy C was the only real competition.

Overall, Tyler is looking like a sure bet to go the distance in the game. He has built some solid alliances. Also, he has a strong social game by working both sides of the house. Importantly, he’s got rid of the leader of the other alliance and one of the strongest players: Swaggy C. That being said, Tyler seems like a reasonable, trustful, and a likable guy, so he’s becoming a favorite pick of mine.

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