Madison Clark Death Scene

In the mid-season finale titled The Last Flame, Madison dies. Zombies are led to a trap, which Madison planned. In one last bright light, she smiles as everything blows up.

In the end, Madison couldn’t save her family or herself. Madison was up against a wall. All she could do was say goodbye. And the zombies closed in.

Nevertheless, Madison was strong. She had been through many hardships. However, her strength wasn’t enough in the end.

Madison lost her husband before she died. In a past episode, Travis was killed by a stray bullet in a helicopter. Madison withstood that blow, but her time was up.

Later, Nick, Madison’s only son dies. He is killed by Charlie for killing her friend. This happens before Madision dies.

However, the past and future are mixed up in weekly episodes. This is why we see Nick die before Madison dies. However, Madison dies before Nick because Nick and Alicia escape at the end of this episode.

It’s a really horrible ending. All Madison’s family hear her die. All her friends hear. Everyone is crying in this episode.

Only Alicia, Madison’s only daughter, is left standing at the end of the apocalypse. And Alicia is hard as f..k. Meanwhile, hardships and realities of the end of the world have turned her to rock. Now, she can kill. And she is very angry and bitter for a young woman.

Overall, The Last Flame is a really sad episode. It completes the destruction of Madison’s family. Moreover, we saw the end coming for Madison in the Christmas Dream episode. In the end, only Alicia remain of the family; however, everyone could die in an apocalypse.