X-Men Legends “Morlock Tunnels”

When it came to the video game X-Men Legends, gamers loved the song “Morlock Tunnels” for a number of reasons. Here’s just a sampling of gamer responses to this level and song.

When it came to gameplay, Mojumint compared it to a crash.

“I miss being thrown through a brick wall,” pointed out Mojumint.

MetalModelMF loved the challenge of the game, although sounding like Hitler.

“Bring it on gene joke!” said MetalModelMF.

While engrossed heavy gameplay, Jrizle Rand grinned about Morlocks.

“Your done for pretties,” sneered Jrizle Rand.

Apparently, Nightwalker handed out some justice as if a boss.

“You’re in for a world of hurt,” he said.

Additionally, Iron Man was true to his word in the game.

“However once I got Colossus and went back I smashed everyone,” laughed Iron Man.

Rugains Fleuridor got a work out by playing the game.

“Sounds like a good workout track!” exclaimed Rugains Fleuridor.

Because Morlocks were being tossed through walls, DownTownBrown06 loved the game.

“This song makes me think of morlocks being smashed through walls,” raved DownTownBrown06.

In the future, 29Tries sees another game sequel.

“If a third one comes out, its most likely going to be about the Dark Phoenix Saga,” stated 29Tries.

The game was a challenge for Iron Man, though.

“I hated this level it was hard. Second time being here was better cuz I had my boy Colossus,” confessed Iron Man.

Overall, gamers loved this game level and track because it hyped them up. I liked the track since it was part of the Morlocks Tunnels 2 soundtrack.