Fear The Walking Dead’s Soundtrack

“Carrion Flowers” by Chelsea Wolve deserves to be on Fear The Walking Dead’s soundtrack.

This music is worthy for a variety of reasons. The music sounds ominous and foreboding. Also, it sounds gritty like a disaster took place.

The song feels like an indigenous one. The song sounds like it’s some kind of ritual. The artist moans and makes howl type noises. However, the singer is Norwegian and German.

The song has an assortment of instruments. It has a blown bass at the beginning. Next, the bass is followed by synthesizer sounds. Finally, the artist starts to sing. This music feels eclectic.

In the background of the video, you see a picture of California. It’s the Santa Monica Pier. The pier was used in Fear The Walking Dead episodes.

I like this song. It’s dark and foreboding. It fits the impending apocalypse in Los Angeles.