Fear The Walking Dead’s Alicia Clark

Here’s a snippet from Fear The Walking Dead’s “What’s Your Story”.

Morgan, John, and Althea are driving in a SWAT vehicle when they come across a person. The person is crawing in the middle of the highway. They stop to investigate and help.

When they approach the person, the person seems in pain and distress. The cast offers assistance, but the person pulls out a gun. It’s Alicia.

Apparently, this is a setup. Alicia just wanted to fool the cast to stopping. And Nick, Victor, Luciana, are with her.

While holding a gun to Althea’s head, Nick, Victor, Luciana, and Alicia size up the situation. Nick orders Morgan to drop his stick. And Althea, the owner of the SWAT vehicle, ask Alicia: “So what’s your story?”

I liked this scene: It showcases Alicia’s skill as a leader. She tricked the cast. And Nick, Victor, Luciana, and her commandeer the SWAT vehicle.