Fear The Walking Dead “Good Out Here”

With Fear The Walking Dead’s “Good Out Here,” lots of people cried. Here’s some of my observations.

As I watched this episode, I realized others felt the same way I did about Nick’s death. People were mad because Nick got killed off in the series. Also, people cried because it hurt to see Nick die even though he’s just a character. Finally, people wanted to kill Charlie, the kid responsible for Nick’s death, because she killed Nick. Nick’s death impacted lots of people in the same way.

Honestly, I hope there’s more stories about Nick. I realized his death occurs over two time lines; that being said, I hope we see more of him in those times. While alive in the series, Nick was really great to watch.

Alicia’s breakdown was heart-breaking when Nick died. At first, Alicia runs after the killer and yells ‘Hey!’ in anger because she knows something really bad just happened, but she gives up when she can’t find the killer and returns to Nick’s side. You could really feel her pain, and that made you cry with her. Previously, Alicia believed she lost her mom, and now she’s dealing with the loss of her brother. Most fans cried with Alicia.

In a strange way, people reacted like Morgan in the series. Fans said, ‘I am not liking characters anymore. I am done.’ In The Walking Dead, Morgan said, ‘I lose people than myself’ Morgan, much like fans, didn’t like to get close to people and form bonds because the price to pay was losing a part of himself; therefore, he gave up on liking people for a time.

Nick death’s effected many fans in many ways. I hope he comes back in future episodes in some way. He was such a good character.