In Oakland, California, Kreayshawn, 28, a female rapper, lost her cat, although she probably found the cat by the time of the video release of “Missing Kitty” which was produced by DJ Two Stacks.

When her cat disappears, Kreayshawn raps about her kitty. ‘Uh, I’m so fuckin’ sad. I’m so sad (just sad). I lost my cat (damn it). And it’s been four days (so long). Three whole nights (so long),’ she cries, ‘And I just want her to come back save.’ As Kreayshawn’s lyrics convey, she’s worried sick about the missing kitty.

Because she loves her cat, Kreayshawn’s worried about the cat.

‘And just… (come back kitty, please). Imagined her out there all cold and lonely,’ she begs, ‘And scared and… Kitty, kitty (ah). Kitty (meow), kitty (meow). Where the fuck are you kitty?’ Kreayshawn moans.

Before it’s too late, Kreayshawn hunts for her cat.

‘Kitty, I’m puttin’ up posters ’cause I miss you. Kitty, you’re missin’ and I really wanna kiss you. Kitty, I’m screamin’ your name around the hood. You really need to come home, I think you should, ” searches Kreayshawn.

At the time of missing kitty, the cat’s drunk, which is kind of weird. ‘Kitty, she loved to drink a beer. Now I shed a tear ’cause she’s not here,’ confesses Kreayshawn.’ Normally, you don’t see drunk cats, which should help in finding the kitty.

In the past, Kitty munched on snacks; however, she’s not around. ‘Kitty, she liked to eat my hot Cheetos. And now I’m wonderin’ where she be though,’ sighs Kreayshawn.

Since losing her missing kitty, Kreayshawn’s trigger happy.

‘Cause kitty, you better not be dead. If someone hit you with their car I’ll chop off their head Motherfuckin’ right, I’ll shoot their ass, kitty. I’ll put it down for you as you got me feelin’ shitty,’ she warns.

Because she lost her kitty, Kreayshawn’s violent.

‘But if you in someone house ’cause you got tooken. I kick they fuckin’ door down, leave they ass shooken. Grab my kitty back and then I start bookin’. Kitty, what the fuck? What the fuck?’ Kreayshawn screams.

I like this song because it’s mellow, and I hope Kreayshawn finds her cat.


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