Up Jumps Da’ Boogie

When it comes to good rappers, Timbaland & Magoo feat. Aaliyah & Missy Elliott on “Up Jumps Da’ Boogie” is dope as f..k.

To begin, Magoo’s dope as f..k with those two chicks on his side.

“I’m Black with Indian, my race should be mutt. I cut with razor blades, play spades with Aunt Venus. Evaluate this rap, take heed a fuckin’ genius,” confesses Magoo.

Straight up, Magoo’s so old school when talking about “Beat Street”.

“Fuck Crazy Joe, my name is Crazy Flow. You thought I had eight but I got ten more. Off beat and on beat, old school like Beat Street. I stink like Pop’s feet, make sweat with no heat,” soulfully raps Magoo.


Because this track would be soft if it had no women, Missy Elliot delivers wicked lyrics.

“I’m in the Marriott, the place to get got. After I smoke pot, he sticks me like shots. Funky like farts, connect tongues like dots. Lick his lollipop, this kid named Scott,” Missy points out.

While mainly a producer, Timbaland spits awesome lyrics.

“I’m up in these labels trying to handle my business. Been making more beats before Jehovah had Witness. Up jumps da boogie, boogie jumps me. Brother brother, please, turn on the TV,” raps Timbaland.


Nevertheless, Aaliyah steals this track with her singing while tying up loose ends.

“Give it up. We gon’ show you how we party,” sings Aaliyah.

In the end, the track is dope. I always watch this video.