Gangs Of New York

Gangs Of New York is a movie about the battle between the Nativists and immigrants to America. The story takes place in the Five Points District of New York City in mid-19th century.

Historically, Gangs Of New York happens around the civil war era with a lot about slavery, abolition, conscription, and warring tribes of New York City.

“It was four days and nights before the mob was finally put down. We never knew how many New Yorkers died that week before the city was finally delivered,” Leo explains.

As a partly true story, the movie focused on conflicts between the Nativist Protestants and the Irish Catholic immigrants in New York City.

‘My father told me, “We was all born of blood and tribulation.” And so was our great city.”

As Leo and Cameron pay their last respects to their dead family members, I can’t help but remember paying my last respects with my sister to our dead parents who died untimely. “But for those of us that lived and died in those furious days, it was like everything we knew was mildly swept away. And no matter what they did to build this city up again,” he said, “for the rest of time, it would be like no one ever knew we was ever here.” Similarly, we left the city like Leo and Cameron.

The ending of Gangs Of New York is powerful: We see Leo and Cameron leaving and vanish along with old New York City. Along with the graves. All those people with real stories gone forever.