Fuel Injected

Here’s a good sounding funeral song for the closing of Battlecam if it closes down for good.

I love these lyrics because only winners rise.

“Take a minute and remember who takes the top. To the critics and the cynics your time is up. Just admit it everybody knows this crime is up, it’s hot shit,” explains Moka Only.

As the lyrics attest, you all don’t got it when it comes to the battle.

“Y’all ain’t got it so don’t even think about it. Cuz I’m tough if ya know the top. Swollen Members, Moka Only gunna take the shot. If you think you betcha know you better press for why. You can mop it in your song and repossess your mind,” raps Moka, “if you front it you can blow or you can testify. Someone else was about what it takes to climb.”

Basically, you got to win the battles to win the war.

“Whenever battle ax warriors come out to play. You can bet we gunna do it in a thousand way. And we sweating off the duel we resuscitate. Members only rock, shit, motherfucker bait, it’s hot shit,” says Moka Only.

It a good rap song from my teen years. In remembering, it’s a good Battlecam funeral song to listen to if Battlecam closes for good.