How You Gonna See Me Now

As a tot, I always loved to see this video “How You Gonna See Me Now” on late night TV.

The video starts with Alice Cooper in a padded room. He’s in a drug induced haze. He’s scribbling out a letter to his ex-wife. And he’s in some asylum.

Meanwhile, his ex gets the letter in the morning. She ties into hard whiskey and reads it. While reading the letter, she’s making Corn Flakes for the kids and spilling milk. Obviously, she’s upset and starts screaming at the kids to stop fighting. And she’s still got the curlers in here hairs and her house robe on.

In the letter, Alice tells his ex he’s better. He’s got his head together. He’s all better now. However, his heart is still messed up.
While remembering in his asylum cell, Alice dreams of hugging his wife. He dreams of a wonderful reunion. She’ running down the sidewalk to meet him. And everything is bright.

As Alice gets home with his suitcase, we see the wife being hauled off by asylum staff. She’s strapped to the asylum’s cot, covered in Alice make-up, and ranting and shaking with Alice’s letter in her mouth. I guess the news of Alice’s release was too much.

I understand this video now, although I had no clue as a kid. The music is good, and the video’s fun to watch.