The Walking Dead “Nebraska”

In S02E01, the group loses hope. Heartbreaking and necessary decisions must be made. And they have to go on.

To begin, the group is on Hershel’s farm. Hershel doesn’t allow guns or killing. The group must follow these rules or leave.

When Shane starts killing zombies in the barn, Hershel finally loses all hope. See, Hershel fed his zombie wife before the group arrived. Now, he realizes what a fool he has been when his wife tries to kill him. In the end, Hershel’s broken and he returns to drinking.

Finally, the group finds Sophia. She has been locked up in the barn as a zombie. However, none of the group has the heart to shoot her. Also, Donna has lost so much: Her husband and now her daughter. Although Donna has found her lost daughter, Rick must make a heartbreaking decision and shoot Sophia.

When Rick goes to the bar to get Hershel to help Beth, some bad guys crash the bar and want sanctuary on the farm. However, Rick says the farm’s packed and the bad guys should move on to Nebraska. In the end, Rick must make a necessary decision and kill the bad guys.

Did Rick have to shoot these guys? The group just met these guys; nevertheless, Rick, Hershel, and Glen didn’t know these guys. However, the group knew the guys had guns and were making demands. Further, one guy took a piss in front of the group and had no respect. Perhaps, if the group trusted these guys, these guys could of destroyed the group.

Hard decisions must be made in this episode. Zombies must be shot even if they used to be family members. Also, bad guys can’t be trusted because they can destroy the group. In my opinion, Nebraska’s one of the best episodes of Walking Dead.