The Trick Is To Keep Breathing

On Saturday, December 17th at 6 a.m, I was surfing the internet to relieve boredom from going insane. Shirley Manson from Garbage was on Youtube, where I only watched her–my all-time favorite artist and video.

Shirley Manson sings about being a private person who likes to keep to herself–which I can relate.

“She’s not the kind of girl. Who likes to tell the world. About the way she feels about herself. She takes a little time,” she told the listeners.

Yet, she doesn’t like to fight people who go against her.

“In making up her mind. She doesn’t want to fight against the tide,” Shirley affirmed.

Therefore, the artist can’t seem to trust people.

“Lately I’m not the only one. I say never trust anyone,” she warns, as waves of cheers roll across the crowd.

In addition, she has been dragged down by men.

“Always the one who has to drag her down. Maybe you’ll get what you want this time around,” the artist tells her crowd.

Furthermore, Shirley sings about abuse.

“Can’t bear to face the truth. So sick he cannot move. And when it hurts he takes it out on you,” she discloses.

However, the artist knows the trick to survival.

“The trick is to keep breathing. The trick is to keep breathing,” she repeats.

Consequently, Shirley has a heart to her detriment.

“She knows the human heart. And how to read the stars. Now everything’s about to fall apart,” she reiterates.

Unfortunately, sarcastically, she mocks the abuser.

“I won’t be the one who’s going to let you down. Maybe you’ll get what you want this time around,” the artist sneers and laughs.

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