Why December 25 Isn’t Jesus’ Birthday

The widely celebrated date of December 25 for Jesus’ birth is not supported by biblical texts. The Bible does not specify this date as the time of Jesus’ nativity. Furthermore, it mentions that shepherds were in the fields watching over their flocks at the time of Jesus’ birth, an activity that typically occurs during the warmer seasons, not in the chilly month of December. Additionally, it is improbable that Augustus Caesar would have mandated a worldwide census during this period, as it would require the populace to undertake extensive travel in adverse weather conditions, which could incite discontent among the already burdened citizens. Considering these factors and employing a process of elimination, December 25 seems an unlikely candidate for the actual birth date of Jesus-it probably happened in Autumn. The December 25 date may have been chosen due to Rome’s practice of assimilating pagan celebrations and cultures, aligning Jesus’ birth with the observance of the unconquered sun’s festival.

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