The California Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal’s “Weekend At Bernie’s” Policy

In the quirky corners of California’s courtrooms, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals had a policy that was turning heads-and spinning them right off! They had decided that a judge’s vote could be cast from beyond the pearly gates.

Here’s the lowdown: A judge plays the ultimate game of ‘yes or no,’ but then takes a one-way trip to the big courthouse in the sky before the ink can dry. But the Ninth Circuit, in a move that would make a mummy unwrap itself in surprise, said, “Let’s keep their votes alive!”

That’s right, the Ninth Circuit was all about eternal voting rights. It’s like they had a direct line to the afterlife—’one ring to rule them all,’ but for legal decisions. “Do we have a ‘yes’ from Judge Spooky? Ah, a cold breeze! That’s a ‘yes!'”

But the plot thickens when the Supreme Court steps in, wagging their finger like a parent who caught you sneaking out. They said, “No way, José! The hereafter is not part of our jurisdiction.” And just like that, the ghostly voting booth was closed for good.

It seems that in the end, not even a judge can rule from the retirement home in the clouds!

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