“Megalopolis,” a film depicting a massive disaster, seems almost redundant in a world already besieged by real calamities. With widespread famines, forest fires, floods, earthquakes, and conflicts, the line between cinema and reality blurs. It raises the question: amidst these global crises, why do governments allocate funds to military endeavors reminiscent of the Vietnam War era?

The current global landscape is indeed fraught with challenges. Misinformation and climate-related threats are identified as the most severe short-term risks¹. Poverty, food insecurity, and refugee rights are among the top concerns that need immediate attention². Meanwhile, significant funds are directed towards defense budgets and military support, as seen in recent increases in defense spending⁴⁵. This allocation of resources towards military efforts, even as pressing humanitarian issues persist, is a complex and contentious subject that continues to spark debate.

Source: Conversation with Bing, 5/9/2024
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