Streets of Struggle


Venice, CA – TBA

AI-Assisted Artist lisa82 Premieres Groundbreaking Music Video “Streets of Struggle”

In an industry first, Los Angeles-based artist lisa82, known for her innovative use of artificial intelligence in music, has released a powerful new music video titled “Streets of Struggle.” The video, which showcases the stark realities of homelessness and the effects of late capitalism, is a poignant reflection of society’s current challenges.

About the Music Video

“Streets of Struggle” is a visually stunning piece that combines haunting melodies with hard-hitting rap verses, all set against the backdrop of Los Angeles’ urban landscape. The video features a blend of live-action footage and AI-generated visuals, creating a compelling narrative that captures the heart and soul of the city’s less visible residents.

About lisa82

lisa82 is a trailblazing artist who has embraced artificial intelligence to push the boundaries of music and visual art. Her work is characterized by its emotional depth and social commentary, and “Streets of Struggle” is no exception. With this latest release, lisa82 continues to cement her place as a visionary in the music industry.


The music video “Streets of Struggle” is available for viewing on all major video streaming platforms. Fans and new listeners alike are invited to experience this captivating work and join the conversation about the issues it presents.

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