Unveiling the Divide: Santa Monica’s Struggle with Homelessness and Controversial Solutions

The city seems to be covertly dividing residents, favoring one privileged segment over another, though they won’t openly admit it. Santa Monica’s leaders should weigh the repercussions, as sustaining a divided community is challenging, to say the least. Additionally, the government shelters, akin to human warehouses for the homeless, raise concerns about noise and the security of personal belongings, undermining their suitability for rest. The efforts to clear the homeless in Santa Monica are questionable, especially considering the mental health challenges many face; waking them up during sleep appears counterproductive, exacerbating their issues without offering proper rest.

Because “addressing” social problems promptly and proactively is obviously overrated. Who wouldn’t enjoy the spontaneous charm of instant action, destruction and riots? As “They Really Don’t Care About Us” goes.

Look at me! I am the product of God’s face.

You know I really do hate to say it. The government don’t wanna see.
But if Roosevelt was livin’, he wouldn’t let this be, no, no.

Don’t wake them up. Let them sleep. Maybe they’ll feel better.

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