Impulse Revisionism’s “In Memorium” episode unfolds multiple compelling storylines. Firstly, Henry and her mom’s perpetual state-to-state movement. Second, Townes, honored at a science ceremony, faces being ghosted by Zoe, hesitant to meet him. Third, the question arises whether everything is a mere accident, challenging evolution’s narrative. Fourth, Henry’s eccentric dad resurfaces. Lastly, Henry grapples with trauma surrounding a possible assault by Clay before his paralysis.

Let’s begin with Henry and her mom are constantly on the move, while Cleo is perpetually running. The noteworthy aspect is their frequent relocations between states, leaving Henry trapped in a life of perpetual transition-Cleo’s problems are creating too many hardships for Henry.

“In Memorium,” under the theme of ‘Impulse Revisionism,’ unfolds at a high school Science award ceremony. Townes, the honoree, anticipates meeting his online girlfriend, whom he has never met or seen. However, she unexpectedly ghosts him at the event-remember Townes is autistic.

Impulse Revisionism’s “In Memorium” made me think about scientific evolution. Does evolution suggest this is all a mere accident? Is there no purpose, God, Abraham, Noah, Satan, or demons taking on human bodies to have relations with the daughters of man, giving birth to giants before the flood? Surely, evolution has to be incorrect by saying the Bible isn’t true, or we are all dead-or have no purpose which is the same as being dead.

In this episode, Henry delves into her dad’s past. She discovers from an elderly woman that her dad was considered eccentric aka schizophrenic. This revelation comes to light when Henry, breaking into her former residence, is apprehended by the elderly lady of the property.

This peculiar episode centers around the school honoring Clay, who may have been involved in an incident with Henry. The ceremony acknowledges Clay, who had a complex relationship with Henry, involving unclear consent. Their drug-taking episode in a truck led to Henry teleporting, leaving Clay paralyzed.

I appreciate how Josh, Henry’s previous boyfriend, didn’t pressure her into intimacy but instead provided comfort when she nearly passed out from flashbacks of Clay in the trunk.

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