Netflix’s Rebel Moon will get you thinking if you want to think. For example, who needs those pesky “independent bodies” to protect freedom of speech? Russia and the UN have clearly mastered the art of safeguarding it with their magical paper, right?

Didn’t someone say, “A strong separation of powers is the only way to protect speech”?

And who needs the excitement of diverse perspectives when they get in the way of the one true way? Tolerance – who needs it? It’s clearly overrated and can have unintentional consequences.

Another thing, nothing says “celebrating diversity” like leading religious leaders teaming up for a murder spree, right? Think a murdered Jesus, Paul, and Peter at the hands of Roman authorities instigated by religious leaders of the day. I mean, who wouldn’t want that kind of unity in their community?

Nothing screams success like a proletariat revolution, right? I mean, who doesn’t love a good war of the poor against mighty middle-class interests and even more vast upper-class interests? And, of course, the thrilling cycle of communist societies turning into capitalist ones, just for the joy of repeating the whole process visa versa over and over again.

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