Dear Diary,

In the eerie recesses of Hell on Tinychat, memories flood back of Vikki reveling in the chaos of Battlecam. The Battlecammers, drawn to this dark haven now transformed into Hell on Tinychat, immersed themselves in the peculiar atmosphere. Oh, the fallen idols of Battlecam! Vikki, a regular in this digital underworld, graced our screens almost daily from 2010 until her untimely demise. Vikki? Well, she was alright in my book. I even had this little moniker for her – “Vikki Victrolla.” Surprisingly, she embraced it with a laugh.

Vikki’s performances linger in my memory. She possessed the ability to dominate the main, and Filmon went to great lengths to ensure her satisfaction. Honestly, Vikki’s shows outshone some of the so-called stars Filmon paraded in. The entertainment she conjured, especially in her epic battles with Tommy, was pure content gold.

Vikki’s dance with the bottle? A twisted affair—was it to drown the agony of losing loved ones in gruesome ways, or maybe she just couldn’t be bothered anymore? Regardless, she waltzed with the spirits until they claimed her for good. Venturing into the depths of Los Angeles, Vikki sought solace, or perhaps just more chaos to embrace.

RIP Vikki, February 26, 2014.
As the digital dust settled, Battlecammers, with a mix of morbid curiosity and camaraderie, shared her obituary. Ah, Battlecam or Hell, where even in death, the show must go on.

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