Ah, the church and its adoration-worthy tax-exempt status over billions in property – because nothing says divine like amassing vast riches, right? It’s truly heartwarming to witness corporations churning out graven images, a direct violation of those pesky Ten Commandments. I mean, who needs to follow the whole “Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image” thing when you’ve got profits to rake in, am I right? And oh, the irony – dear Jesus, the paragon of humility and poverty and homelessness, probably wouldn’t recognize his own teachings in this spectacle. After all, why bother being homeless and poor when you can own billions in property and adorn yourself with a wooden crucifix that’s about as effective as a soggy noodle in the salvation department?

You devil! You vampire! You never intended donating that money… There you madman! How do you like that!

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